1st Edition

Lean Culture Collected Practices and Cases

    160 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    160 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    The hard part of implementing a lean transformation, according to most experts, is dealing with the "soft" issues, such as culture change. Getting employees to live and breathe lean -- actively supporting and buying into lean concepts and philosophy, always searching for ways to eliminate waste, and continuously improving processes and providing greater value for customers -- is the real challenge when building and sustaining a lean culture.

    Lean Culture: Collected Practices and Cases provides a variety of case studies taken from articles previously published in Lean Manufacturer Advisor: the monthly newsletter by Productivity Press. All focus on cultural issues, ranging from the role of top management, to training and development of workers and managers, to building buy-in and to sustaining the culture.

    Highlights include:

    • Practical, in-depth descriptions of cultural issues in a lean transformation, written in a conversational, easy-to-read style.
    • Many case studies unavailable from any other single source.
    • Articles categorized by specific area - all desired information is easily located.
    • Real-world information about culture change collected in one handy book.

    Part I: Building Support
    Chapter 1: Aggressive Management Builds a New Hartz Mountain Culture
    Chapter 2: The Ways to Win Hearts and Minds
    Chapter 3: Creating a New Culture Is Company's First Priority
    Chapter 4: Tips for Molding a Kaizen Culture
    Chapter 5: Employees Offer Suggestions When a Process Is in Place
    Chapter 6: Approach Is Key in Attempt to Make Union a Partner
    Chapter 7: The Really Tough Part: Selling Lean to the CEO
    Chapter 8: "Semi-Stealth" Strategy Turns Top Executives into Believers
    Part II: Staff Development
    Chapter 9: Plan to Increase Your Skills Inventory
    Chapter 10: Acquiring and Building Expertise
    Chapter 11: Plan Your Search Carefully to Get the Right Lean Leader
    Chapter 12: Improving Hiring Processes Saves Both Time and Money
    Chapter 13: Ten Critical Areas Where Supervisors Need Your Help with Culture Change
    Chapter 14: Structured Program Builds Skills of Team Leaders
    Chapter 15: Want a High-Level Job Here? You Better Learn Lean First
    Chapter 16: Plastics Firm's Lean Team Is Its Source of New Talent
    Part III: Sustaining Change
    Chapter 17: An Assessment Tool Tells You Whether Your Culture Is Lean
    Chapter 18: Nine Steps for Getting TPM Buy-In from Varied Groups
    Chapter 19: Frequent Feedback Fosters Changes in Company Culture
    Chapter 20: A Good Day of Production Begins with a Good Meeting
    Chapter 21: Compensation Helps Lean Pay Off
    Chapter 22: Incentives Should Be Based on Outcomes, Not Activities
    Chapter 23: Satisfaction Yields Improved Results
    Chapter 24: Integrate Your Improvement Methods if You Want Your Initiatives to Last


    Productivity Press Development Team

    "Aimed primarily at executives and senior managers, Lean Culture will also interest ambitious junior employees looking for ways to sell their corporate leaders on the benefits of lean production."