1st Edition

Lean – Let’s Get It Right! How to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement

By David Rizzardo Copyright 2020
    282 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    282 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    282 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Lean – Let’s Get It Right!: How to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement (978-0-367-42991-1, 340939)

    Shelving Guide: Business & Management / Lean Management

    This book addresses the root causes of why a majority of Lean transformations have not met expectations. More importantly, it provides the information needed to turn around the failure mechanisms and transform them into critical success factors.

    Lean – Let’s Get It Right! delves into the psychology of change and motivation and clarifies the roles and responsibility changes which are required for alignment with Lean principles. While the author includes a review of Lean principles, the majority of the book either provides more depth of understanding of the principles or highlights how misalignment can thwart Lean transformation efforts. What this provides is not only clarity, but it establishes a solid reference point or framework to guide the Lean strategy. The reader will begin to see how the principles are not simply a random set of characteristics or features of Lean, but are actually a set of fundamental beliefs on which all else is based.

    Though repeated throughout the book that an organization must develop the specifics of their own Lean roadmap, this book concludes with guidance on making it happen. This book, with its primary focus on people, leadership, and principles, and less so on the details of tools and techniques, can be thought of as providing the few critical missing puzzle pieces to enable an effective Lean transformation.

    List of Action Items. List of Figures. Acknowledgements. About the Author. Introduction. Chapter 1: What is Lean? Chapter 2: Learning from the Past. Chapter 3: The Lean Culture Foundation – The Lean Principles. Chapter 4: Key Support Systems, Tools, and Practices. Chapter 5: Key Roles and Responsibilities. Chapter 6: Resistance, Demotivation, and Motivation. Chapter 7: Making it Happen. Chapter 8: Final Thoughts. Appendix. Index.


    Dave Rizzardo’s personal mission can be simply stated as "just trying to make the world a Leaner place." His passion for Lean predates the time when Lean became synonymous with business excellence. After obtaining his Mechanical Engineering degree from the Pennsylvania State University, he worked in industry for 17 years in various positions focusing on quality/productivity improvement and the application of Lean principles. In 1999 Dave joined the University of Maryland’s industry outreach program. As Lean Services Manager, his area of concentration was the development of Lean training and implementation services. In 2012 he was co-developer of the Lean Peer Group service and has been facilitating multiple groups since that time. The focus of these groups is to help organizations develop a Lean culture of continuous improvement. In 2014 Dave joined the Maryland World Class Consortia (MWCC) where he has served as Associate Director and Lean Peer Group service provider. He also founded Lean Peer Groups & Consulting LLC. Dave continues facilitating the Lean Peer Groups and working directly with organizations in helping them on their Lean journeys of excellence. Dave can be reached at [email protected].

    "Finally, there is a book on Lean that balances theory, application and culture.  Dave Rizzardo has laid out the keys to successful Lean implementation and sustainability by simplifying the elements of Lean for every reader ranging from those just starting their learning journey to experienced Lean leaders.  Dave’s charismatic approach to presenting his topics are easy to follow and should be re-read from time to time to ensure you are remaining focused on the big picture view that Lean must be adopted as part of the culture and not to be seen as a project with a beginning and end.  This book is a must read for any individual and/or team desiring a continuous improvement future to remain competitive in the ever changing world where we all need to thrive."
    ---Doug Cooper, Director of Supply Chain, Tilley Company


    "David Rizzardo knows what he is talking about. This book documents David’s considerable knowledge and experiences in simple terms that will keep your organization from making the same mistakes so many other companies have made."
    ---Todd K. Davis, President, New Tack Consultants


    "Highly recommend this in-depth and informative book explaining the requirements for implementing a strong and sustained Lean initiative.  Dave not only covers some Lean tools and how to implement them, but also goes beyond to explain the absolute commitment required from top leadership, the defining Lean Principles that guide Lean thinking, and the essential attitudes and mindsets that will nurture a culture of continuous improvement. Although tools and techniques are important, the most vital contribution to a sustained culture is, and must always be, the people aspect.  Dave covers this in a clear, concise fashion.  A must read."
    ---Sherry Jordan, World Class Project Engineer, Saft America


    "This book focuses on the key to enduring lean success…people! You can use all of the lean tools in the world to solve company problems, but improvement won’t be sustainable and ongoing without truly engaging the workforce to build the right culture. This book dives deep into topics such as how lean modifies roles and responsibilities, and covers key issues related to developing a lean culture which is based on engaging all employees, not only a few lean experts or managers. Regardless of your position in your company, and whether you are a lean novice beginning your lean journey or a lean veteran of many years, read this book!"
    --- Jesse Hood, Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement, Hub Labels, Inc.


    "If you’ve ever met Dave, you know that he is passionate about Lean. He loves to teach and interact, and freely share what he has learned to help others improve and succeed. The book is a great extension of his passion that will now reach a larger audience. You should read this book!"
    ---Steve Jozwiak, COO, D. Wheatley Enterprises and Special Projects Operations


    "In true lean fashion, Dave eliminates waste in the definition, explanation and implementation of a lean culture in your business. Dave takes his decades of experience and boils it down to the assignable causes of implementation. A must read for anyone implementing Lean."
    --- Joseph M. Bero, P.E., LSSMBB


    "Dave Rizzardo brings a lifetime of practical hands-on experience working with Leadership and business transformations. If you don’t know Dave, he is not one to mince words, rather, he tells it like it really is; yet, in a critically constructive way. This book is a must read for anyone considering implementing Lean or transforming their organization. I especially recommend this for those who have "tried Lean" before with "little" or "some success." Dave introduces topics not trained before in other publications, such as: "Do be a fear destroyer," "Don’t be a demotivater," and my favorite, "Don’t be a Lean Zombie." Dave provides insight on why so many companies struggle with Lean, especially in office areas. Dave even provides a great assessment tool at the end of the book which we find very value-added!"
    ---Charlie Protzman, President & CEO Business Improvement Group LLC