2nd Edition

Lean and Agile Project Management How to Make Any Project Better, Faster, and More Cost Effective, Second Edition

By Terra Vanzant Stern, PhD Copyright 2020
    354 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    354 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    When project managers are faced with budget cuts and fewer resources, waste elimination becomes a priority in maintaining effectiveness. This does not mean shortening or abandoning traditional project cycles. In fact, fast results on critical assignments can only be completed with strong plans and a detailed work breakdown structure. The connections, or lack thereof, are what strongly impact performance and quality.

    Lean and Agile, as covered in this book, are meant to enhance traditional project management, not replace the science. A strong foundation in traditional project management is necessary to appreciate the benefits of adopting Lean and Agile.

    Lean and Agile Project Management: How to Make Any Project Better, Faster, and More Cost Effective defines the wastes and issues found in project management and demonstrates how they can be addressed by engaging Lean thinking and Agile techniques. This book also:

    • Shows how to apply Lean principles to project management (PM)

    • Teaches the application of simple Six Sigma metrics in PM

    • Discusses the adoption of Agile techniques in PM in order to stay on task and remain flexible

    • Helps readers discover the theoretical synergies between popular PM programs

    • Promotes an understanding of how Lean people skills can help a person become a better leader and manager

    Since the publication of the first edition of this book, the bodies of knowledge have all been systematically updated. In addition, through conducting peer groups and detailed workshops, the Author has simplified many of the basics, and they are now much easier to understand. Essentially, the Author believes traditional project management can benefit from adding Lean and Agile, but she has simplified the model for greater efficiency.

    Foreword. Preface. About the Author. 1 The Three Faces of Traditional Project Management. 2 A Lean History of Lean. 3 Agile Comprehensive with an Emphasis on Scrum. 4 Initiating the Project. 5 The Planning Process. 6 Project Execution. 7 Monitoring, Controlling, and Closing a Project. 8 Applying Lean and Agile Techniques to Project Management Areas of Knowledge Promoted in the PMBOK®. 9 A Leaner, More Agile Approach to the Project Management Life Cycle: SSD Project Life Cycle™. 10 Making the DMAIC Model Leaner and More Agile: Define. 11 Making the DMAIC Model Leaner and More Agile: Measure. 12 Making the DMAIC Model Leaner and More Agile: Analyze. 13 Making the DMAIC Model Leaner and More Agile: Improve. 14 Making the DMAIC Model Leaner and More Agile: Control. 15 Ethics and Social Responsibility. 16 The Lean and Agile Project Leader/Manager Model. 17 Change Management Basics: Lean and Agile Project Managers. 18 Lean and Agile Project Management: International Influences. 19 ISO 13053 International Standards for Six Sigma. 20 The Difference between Lean and Agile. Appendix A: Lean and Agile Project Management Body of Knowledge (SSD Global Solutions Version 4.2). Appendix B: Lean and Agile Project Management Terms. Appendix C: Lean Six Sigma Competency Models. Index.


    Terra Vanzant Stern, PhD, PMP, SPHR/GPHR is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and technical writer. Her publications include books, white papers, and articles in the areas of leadership development, ethics, critical thinking, project management, and Lean Six Sigma.

    Dr. Vanzant Stern is the CEO of Simple, Smart Decision-Making, Inc. dba, SSD Global Solutions (SSD) and the inventor of Leaner Six Sigma (LrSS)™. LrSS™ is a methodology used to simplify the popular process improvement theory, Lean Six Sigma. SSD is a federal government contractor who is also a preferred vendor by the State of Colorado. SSD’s client list includes recognized names such as Southern California Edison, Tennessee Valley Authority, Fidelity Insurance, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. SSD has an international presence working in countries such as Cameroon Africa.

    Dr. Vanzant Stern served as the Chair of the ASQ Lean Enterprise Division as well as ASQ Denver Section. Prior board positions have also included the Director, Strategic Planning, for the Colorado Human Resource Association (CHRA) and the Ethics Committee for the State of Colorado Office of Economic Development. She currently is on the board of the Colorado Lean Network.