1st Edition

Lean in Agriculture Create More Value with Less Work on the Farm

    180 Pages 148 Color Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    180 Pages 148 Color Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Responding to a recent surge in interest and application, this book is the first to comprehensively address how Lean thinking and tools can be implemented in agriculture and agribusiness. This tactical guide breaks down barriers, clearly depicting how improvement techniques originally developed for factories can derive the same powerful results on farms.

    Expert Lean farming consultants, Susanne Pejstrup and Vibeke Fladkjaer Nielsen, present these methods in a clear, easy-to-read style, accessible to farmers all over the world. Case studies from multiple farm types – including crops, pigs and dairy cattle – demonstrate how respect for people, continuous improvement, and visual management techniques can improve resilience and profitability on the farm. Richly illustrated, Lean in Agriculture appeals not only to farmers, but to farm workers, food processing companies, veterinarians, consultants and other stakeholders in the agribusiness sector.

    Key Features:

    • Translates Lean thinking into agricultural terms.
    • Takes a people-centric approach to a Lean agricultural production system.
    • Serves as an implementation guide , with clear writing and concise, easy-to-follow instructions tailored to the agricultural sector.
    • Illustrates agriculture-specific Lean implementation with a wide range of case studies and memorable images.

    Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3: The five Lean Principles. Chapter 4: The Eight Wastes of Lean. Chapter 5: Involve your employees. Chapter 6: that is How You Work with goals. Chapter 7: Tools. Chapter 8: How to Implement Lean at your Farm. Chapter 9: Examples of Lean. Chapter 10: Dictionary. Chapter 11: References.


    Susanne Pejstrup, Agricultural Science, Cand. Agro. (The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Denmark), is the founder and owner of Lean Farming®. Susanne and Lean Farming ® have two main fields of work: 1. leadership and Lean production on farms and 2. logistics and design of production facilities in farm projects. The company has customers and projects in Europe, the US and occasionally in Africa and Asia. The customers get higher productivity by using Lean Farming, specifically while working with animal welfare, rational working procedures and motivation of the staff.

    Vibeke Fladkjaer Nielsen, Agricultural Science, Cand. Agro. (The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Denmark), is a consultant at Seges, Department for Innovation and Development. Vibeke works in the areas of management and optimization of the production plant. In the management area, Vibeke works in particular with Lean, which she has been in charge of implementing in Danish agriculture. Vibeke is also highly skilled in change management.