1st Edition

Learning Under the Lens Applying Findings from the Science of Learning to the Classroom

Edited By Annemaree Carroll, Ross Cunnington, Annita Nugent Copyright 2021
    254 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    254 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Learning Under the Lens: Applying Findings from the Science of Learning to the Classroom highlights the innovative approach being undertaken by researchers from the disparate fields of neuroscience, education and psychology working together to gain a better understanding of how we learn, and its potential to impact student learning outcomes.

    The book is structured in four parts: ‘Science of learning: a policy perspective’ sets the scene for this emerging field of research; ‘Self regulation of learning’ and ‘Technology and learning’ feature findings by eminent international and national researchers in the field and provides an insight into some of the innovative research illustrating the depth, breadth and multi-disciplinarity of the research; and ‘Research translation’ focuses on the scaled-up implementation of research findings in authentic learning settings, and showcases research findings which are having impact in learning environments.

    This fascinating book is intended as a reference tool to create awareness among researchers, policy makers, and education practitioners of the research being undertaken in the science of learning field and its potential to impact student learning outcomes.




    The ‘Science of Learning’: Birth or Renaissance

    John Hattie and Annita Nugent

    Part 1: Science of Learning: A Policy Perspective

    1. Science of Learning: An International Perspective

    Barry McGaw

    2. National Efforts in the Science of Learning: Case Reports from United States, Australia and Brazil

    Annita Nugent, Soo-Siang Lim and Roberto Lent

    3. Creating an Impact, Leaving an Impression: Learnings from the Australian Science of Learning Research Centre

    Annita Nugent, Annemaree Carroll, John Hattie and Uwe Dulleck

    Part 2: Self Regulation of Learning

    4. Neuroplasticity: From Cells to Circuits and Brains Towards the Classroom

    Roberto Lent, Sidarta Ribeiro and João Ricardo Sato

    5. Foreign Language Anxiety: Translating Cognitive Neuroscience to the Classroom

    Brendan Weekes

    6. Addressing Mathematics Anxiety in Primary Teaching

    Sarah Buckley, Kate Reid, Ottmar Lipp, Merrilyn Goos, Narelle Bethune and Sue Thomson

    7. Innovative Approaches to Measure and Promote Emotion Regulation in the Classroom from a Science of Learning Perspective

    Annemaree Carroll and Julie Bower

    8. Building a Secure Learning Environment Through Social Connectedness

    Ross Cunnington, Stephanie McMahon, Chase Sherwell and Robyn Gillies

    9. The Master™ Focus Program: A Theoretically Informed Meta-Attention Intervention for Early Adolescence

    Deberea Sherlock and Aisling Mulvihill

    Part 3: Technology and Learning

    10. Design for Learning in An Age of Rapidly Evolving Technology

    Nancy Law

    11. Digital Learning Environments, the Science of Learning and the Relationship Between the Teacher and the Learner

    Jason Lodge, Gregor Kennedy and Lori Lockyer

    Part 4: Research Translation

    12. Research to Reality: Feedback Coaching – Building Teacher Capability to Improve Learning Outcomes

    Cameron Brooks and Rochelle Burton

    13. Translating the Science of Learning Through Co-Design: Working with Teachers to Prioritise Executive Functioning Skills in Mathematics Education

    Simon Leonard and Martin Westwell

    14. Developing a Model for the Translation of Science of Learning Research to the Classroom

    Stephanie McMahon, Annita Nugent and Annemaree Carroll


    Chartering New Waters in the Science of Learning: Reflections on the Emergence of the Science of Learning in Australia and Its Place on the International Landscape by An Outside Insider

    Sean Kang


    Annemaree Carroll is Professor in Educational Psychology at The University of Queensland and Chief Investigator and Co-ordinator of Translational Outcomes within the Australian Research Council – Special Research Initiative, Science of Learning Research Centre.

    Ross Cunnington is Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience at The University of Queensland and Deputy Director of the Science of Learning Research Centre. In 2016 Ross was appointed as an Honorary Senior Neuroscience Fellow by the International Bureau of Education, UNESCO.

    Annita Nugent is the Manager of Research Translation with the Science of Learning Research Centre.