1st Edition

Learning in Chaos

By James Hite. Jr. Copyright 1999

    This book explains how change is a functional characteristic of any organization. And, as organizations begin to understand the nature of change, they can still adapt and grow by incorporating change into their structure instead of trying to control it. To help you understand and grow in this ever-changing environment, this book covers four principal areas of thought on change.

    Chaos, including chaos theory
    Organizational theory and practice
    Learning theory and practice
    The general social environment
    Executives, managers, and other organizational leaders will find this book invaluable as they refocus the direction of their organizations in order to realize the benefits of learning under changed environmental circumstances.

    Part I: The World Unleashed. First Observations. A Drive-through System. Turning and Churning: Organizational Change. Part II: Complexity and Chaos. Classic Chaos. Technical Chaos. Extended Applications. Nonlinear Dynamical Organizational Systems.
    Part III: Open Learning and Learning Support. The Shift to a Wider Perspective. To Performance
    Support from Teaching.
    Part IV: Novus Ordo Seclorum.
    A New Order.
    The Learner Learning in Chaos. Chaotic Learning Support. Directions in Measurement. Chaotic Performance. Index.


    James Hite Jr.