4th Edition

Learning to Teach Mathematics in the Secondary School A companion to school experience

Edited By Sue Johnston-Wilder, Clare Lee, David Pimm Copyright 2017
    346 Pages
    by Routledge

    346 Pages
    by Routledge

    Learning to Teach Mathematics in the Secondary School combines theory and practice to present a broad introduction to the opportunities and challenges of teaching mathematics in the secondary school classroom. This fourth edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest changes to the curriculum and research in the field, taking into account key developments in teacher training and education, including examinations and assessment.

    Written specifically with the new and student teacher in mind, the book covers a wide range of issues related to the teaching of mathematics, such as:

    • why we teach mathematics       
    • the place of mathematics in the National Curriculum      
    • planning, teaching and assessing for mathematics learning           
    • how to communicate mathematically    
    • using digital technology to advance mathematical learning
    • working with students with special educational needs
    • post-16 teaching
    • the importance of professional development
    • the affective dimension when learning mathematics, including motivation, confidence and resilience

    Already a major text for many university teaching courses, this revised edition features a glossary of useful terms and carefully designed tasks to prompt critical reflection and support thinking and writing up to Masters Level. Issues of professional development are also examined, as well as a range of teaching approaches and styles from whole-class strategies to personalised learning, helping you to make the most of school experience, during your training and beyond.

    Designed for use as a core textbook, Learning to Teach Mathematics in the Secondary School provides essential guidance and advice for all those who aspire to be effective mathematics teachers.

    1 Why do we teach mathematics? Robert Ward-Penny  2 Mathematics in the National Curriculum Robert Ward-Penny  3 Learning Mathematics: a Cognitive Focus Steven Watson and Mark Dawes  4 Learning Mathematics: an Affective Focus Clare Lee and Sue Johnston-Wilder  5 Planning for Mathematics Learning Keith Jones and Julie-Ann Edwards  6 Teaching for Mathematics Learning David Pimm and Sue Johnston-Wilder  7 Assessing Mathematics Learning  Clare Lee  8 Communicating Mathematically Candia Morgan  9 Learning Mathematics with Digital Technology Sue Johnston-Wilder and David Pimm  10 Perspectives and Practices in the Mathematics Classroom Clare Lee and Robert Ward-Penny  11 Working Mathematically with Students with Special Educational Needs  Carla Finesilver and Melissa Rodd  12 Teaching Mathematics Post-16 Geoff Wake  13 Getting the Whole Picture Clare Lee  14 Professional Development Clare Lee and Sue Johnston-Wilder


    Sue Johnston-Wilder is Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at the Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick, UK.

    Clare Lee is Lecturer and Subject Leader for the Mathematics PGCE at The Open University, UK.

    David Pimm is Professor Emeritus from the University of Alberta and Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University, Canada.