1st Edition

Lebanese Historical Thought in the Eighteenth Century

By Hayat El Eid Bualuan Copyright 2023

    This study of Lebanese historical thought and its role in national identity formation in the eighteenth century focuses on a sample of historians, mainly Christians, who lived and wrote during the Shihabi Emirate from 1697 till the Egyptian invasion in 1831.

    These historians, who represent different trends in historical writing, were able to develop the idea of Lebanon as a unique entity and as a haven and to underline its specificity and distinctiveness. With a focus on primary sources, this book endeavors to penetrate into the main concerns and ways of thinking at this time when a Lebanese identity started to bloom. In doing so, it discovers a neglected century as a fruitful and rich period in the history of Lebanon and a prelude to nineteenth-century awakening.

    This book will be of interest to scholars of the history and historiography of Lebanon and the Middle East, with relevance for specialized courses in the fields of history and historiography at universities.


    1. Chronicle Writing

    2. Neo-Chroniclers

    3. Biographical Writing

    4. Apologetic History: The Maronite Question



    Hayat El Eid Bualuan is a lecturer at the American University of Beirut.