1st Edition

Lethal Violence
A Sourcebook on Fatal Domestic, Acquaintance and Stranger Violence

Edited By

Harold V. Hall

ISBN 9780849370038
Published December 23, 1998 by Routledge
714 Pages

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Book Description

Lethal Violence: A Sourcebook on Fatal Domestic, Acquaintance and Stranger Aggression applies the lethal violence sequence analysis to a wide-ranging array of fatal aggression, resulting in a multitude of observations and principles of violence. This sourcebook provides base rate information and cases for each type of fatal interaction, then applies the knowledge to violence-related situations and settings.

Table of Contents

Foreword, F. Kaslow
Foundational Issues
Overview of Lethal Violence, H.V. Hall
Brain Dysfunction and Lethal Violence, D. Johnson-Greene and K.M. Adams
Sex Differences in Juvenile Violence, R.F. Eme
Violence, Viewing, and Development, L.L. Schwartz and R. Matzkin
Social Inducements to Paralethal and Lethal Violence, L.C. Whitaker
Victim-Precipitated Homicide, W. Foote
Family Violence
When Mothers Murder: Understanding Infanticide by Females, S.H. Barlow and C.J. Clayton
Spousal Homicide, V.E. Bixenstine
Violence in the Family, J.G. Poirier
Murder-Suicide, M.F. Abramsky and M. Helfman
Criminal Violence
Workplace Violence: A New Form of Lethal Aggression, T.B. Feldmann and P.W. Johnson
Violence and the Sexual Paraphilias, J.B. Chapman
Serial Murder, P.E. Cook and D.L. Hinman
Murder and Sex Murder: Psychopathology and Psychodynamics, L.B. Schlesinger
Aircraft Hijacking in the United States, T.B. Feldmann and P.W. Johnson
Insanity and Mitigation to Murder, S.B. McPherson
Evaluation and Intervention
Intervention in Lethal Violence, H.V. Hall
Psychometric Testing and Lethal Violence, C.J. Golden, M.L. Jackson, S.T. Gontkovsky, and A. Peterson-Rohne
MMPI-Based Psychological Assessment of Lethal Violence, R.J. Craig
Healing the Wounds of Sibling Survivors of Lethal Violence, M.S. Cerney
Cognitive Retraining of Cerebral Deficits Associated with Violent Behavior, M.S. Walter
The Hostage Triad: Takers, Victims, and Negotiators, J.A. Call
Beyond Conflict and Competition: Diversity, Cooperation, and Life Affirmation as Alternatives to Violence, L.A. Buck

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"...a unique blend of outstanding experts from the forensic disciplines. Incorporating cutting edge topics confronted by the law enforcement community, these experts, with their varied backgrounds, have delved into the darkest sides of the human personality."
-Lloyd E. Dean, FBI Special Agent (Retired) and Co-Founder, Threat Management Group, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky
"This volume is a product of a significant degree of research related to a topic that is extremely important both for professionals and for the lay public....a valuable asset to any professional's library, and of significant importance to both clinicians and also individuals involved in research regarding violent behavior....an encompassing review of the area of both factual and theoretical knowledge concerning lethal violence in our society....well presented and also researched in a scholarly manner....Both neuropsychologists and also clinical psychologists in general will find much value in Dr. Hall's volume that assist improving their knowledge regarding abnormal behavior."
-Robert C. Chamberlain, Clinical Neuropsychologist
"This excellent, comprehensive and timely work is a must for every professional involved in violence and aggression."
-Patrick H. Deleon, Ph.D, J.D.
"With this book, Dr. Harold Hall and his colleagues fill a critical niche in the literature dedicated to accurately portraying what is and pointing the way to what should be."
-Florence W. Kaslow, Ph.D., ABPP