1st Edition

Leveller Manifestoes of the Puritan Revolution

Edited By Don M. Wolfe Copyright 1944

    Leveller Manifestoes (1944) is a collection of primary manifestoes issued by the Levellers, the group which played an active and influential role in the English revolution of 1642–49. This book collects together rare pamphlets and tracts that are seldom available, and certainly not in one place for ease of research.

    1. A Remonstrance of Many Thousand Citizens, 1646 Richard Overton  2. To the Right Honourable and Supreme Authority The Petition of March, 1647  3. A Copie of a Letter June 24, 1647  4. An Appeale from the Degenerate Representative Body, by Richard Overton July 17, 1647  5. The Case of the Armie Truly Stated October 15, 1647  6. An Agreement of the People November 3, 1647  7. To the Supream Authority of England The Petition of November 23, 1647  8. Englands Freedom, Souldiers Rights December 14, 1647  9. To the Supream Authority of England The Petition of January 1648  10. The Mournfull Cryes of Many Thousand Poor Tradesmen January 22, 1648  11. To the Right Honourable, the Commons of England The Petition of September, 1648  12. Foundations of Freedom The Second Agreement, December 15, 1648  13. No Papist Nor Presbyterian December 21, 1648  14. Several Proposals for Peace & Freedom by an Agreement of the People December 22, 1648  15. To the Right Honourable, the Supreme Authority The Levellers’ Petition for Freedom of the Press, January 19, 1649  16. A Petition…Concerning…An Agreement The Officers’ Agreement, January 20, 1649  17. The Hunting of the Foxes By Richard Overton, March 21, 1649  18. A Manifestation by William Walwyn, April 14, 1649  19. An Agreement of the Free People of England May 1, 1649


    Don M. Wolfe