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Library of Advertising

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ISBN 9784861661228
Published March 2, 2010 by Routledge
2700 Pages

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Book Description

This is a facsimile reprint of the very first comprehensive Handbook of advertising published in 1913 in America. Advertising became an important tool of commerce in the nineteenth century, and as many advertising agencies and associations were formed by the beginning of the following century it started to be regarded as a new mass media, and scientific and methodological studies became necessary. Soon after Truman A. DeWeese published The Principles of Practical Publicity in 1908, around sixty professionals, including DeWeese, gathered and this monumental work of advertising was published in six volumes. The books were published as practical Handbooks for the benefit of a young readership intending to enter the advertising business.

However, together with many pictures and actual samples of advertising, it provides today’s user with a very good overview of the activities of advertising in the early twentieth century, and is an ideal reference tool for scholars and students of the history of advertisement, commerce, and marketing.

Table of Contents

Volume I: Fundamental Principles/Advertising Mediums  1. The Requirements Purpose and Power of Good Advertising  2. Preachments on Advertising  3. The Newspaper and Newspaper Advertising  4. The Magazine in National Advertising  5. Trade Journal Advertising  6. Technical Papers  Volume II: Methods of Appeal / Outdoor, Street Car and Miscellaneous Advertising / Medium and Publications (continued) / Type  1. Reaching Women through Advertising  2. Advertising to Men
3. Literature in Advertising  4. The Functions of an Advertising Agency  5. The Trade Mark and Its Relation to Business  6. The Efficient Advertising Department and Its Systems  7. Outdoor Advertising and Electrical Display  8. Street Car Advertising
9. Advertising with Moving Pictures  10. Advertising in Weekly Magazines  11. Foreign Language Newspapers and Those Who Read Them  12. The Country Newspapers an Advertising Medium  13. Analysis of Circulation  14. The Use and Abuse of Type  Volume III: Department Store and Retail Advertising  1. Department Store Advertising  2. Advertising a Retail Store  3. Short Talks on Advertising as Applied Particularly to the Retailer and His Problems  Volume IV: Show Window Display and Specialty Advertising  1. Window Trimming and Commercial Display / Window Trimming for the Manufacturer  2. Advertising Direct by Mail  3. Special Advertising
4. What is the Value of Calendar Advertising  5. Advertising Clubs and the Value of Organization to the Advertiser  Volume V: Advertising Different Lines of Business  1. Mail Order Advertising  2. Financial Advertising of Banks and Trust Companies  3. Advertising Furniture  4. Piano Advertising  5. Advertising Men's Wear  6. Advertising Boots and Shoes  7. Advertising a Drug Business  8. Advertising a National Brand of Soap  9. Advertising Stoves and Ranges  10. The Advertising of Electric Light Power  Volume VI: Selling Advertising and Advertised Goods / Selling and Advertising American Goods in Foreign Countries  1. The Advertising Salesman  2. Requisites of Selling Advertising Successfully  3. The Profession of Advertising  4. Selling Trade Paper Space  5. Good Counsel for Solicitors  6. Psychological Salesmanship as Applied to the Selling of Advertising and Advertised Goods  7. Selling Advertising Service  8. The Advertising Solicitor from the Buyer's Standpoint  9. Selling Newspaper Advertising  10. Selling Advertising in Country Newspapers  11. The Salesman of Magazine Publicity  12. The Salesman of Weekly Magazine Publicity  13. The Value and Salesmanship of Classified Advertising  14. Selling Advertising in Class Publications  15. Soliciting Advertising for Technical Journals  16. Selling Advertising for Agricultural Papers  17. Soliciting Advertising for Religious Publications  18. Selling Outdoor Advertising (Electric Signs, Painted Bulletins)   19. The Selling of Street Car Advertising  20. Selling Specialty Advertising  21. Selling Advertising Art, Illustrations and Engravings  22. The Selling and Service of Printing  23. Selling Lithography  24. Advertising American Goods in Foreign Countries  25. Hotel and Resort Advertising
26. Municipal Advertising

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