1st Edition

Life, Learning, and Community Concepts and Models for Service Learning in Biology

Edited By David C. Brubaker, Joel H. Ostroff Copyright 2002

    This book represents the 18th of AAHE’s series on service-learning in the disciplines and focuses on service-learning strategies and models in biology. Although, there are obvious applications for service-learning in such fields as nursing and teacher education, incorporating it into natural science courses has not always seemed practical to science instructors. This book not only provides strong arguments for using service-learning in biology courses but also gives real life examples of how it has been successfully used in biology curricula.

    About This Series—Edward Zlotkowski Acknowledgments Introduction—David C. Brubaker and Joel H. Ostroff Part One. Service-Learning as a Mode of Civic Education Educational Benefits Associated With Service-Learning Projects in Biology Curricula by John C. Kennell An Environmental Science Approach to Service-Learning in Biology by Jeffrey A. Simmons Part Two. Course Narratives Service-Learning in Botany. A Public School Project by Nancy K. Prentiss Service Stimulates Science Learning in At-Risk Kids. The Millikin Model by Marianne Robertson Virginia STEP. Evidence That Service-Learning Can Enhance a College Biology Program by Alan Raflo Service-Learning in Biology. Providing a College Experience for High School Students by Scott S. Kinnes Expanding the Reach of University Courses in Biology and Health to Provide Meaningful Service to Undeserved Communities by Amal Abu-Shakra and Tun Kyaw Nyein Community and Environmental Compatibility in the York River Watershed. A Project-Based Interdisciplinary Service-Learning Course by A. Christine Brown and Samuel A. McReynolds Service-Learning in Biology. Using the Internet and Desktop Video Conferencing by Paul D. Austin Service-Learning in the Natural Sciences. North Seattle Community College by Peter Lortz Part Three. The Discipline and Beyond Service-Learning and Field Biology in Post-Colonial Perspective. The Bahamas Environmental Research Center as a Case Study by Luther Brown Biology and Service-Learning. Logical Links by Joel H. Ostroff and David C. Brubaker Appendix. Reprints From Science and Society. Redefining the Relationship (Campus Compact, 1996. Summary Course Descriptions Suggested Readings Contributors to This Volume


    David C. Brubaker Associate Professor of Biology Seattle University, Department of Biology. Joel H. Ostroff Professor Emeritus of Microbiology, Brevard Community College (Currently) Southwestern Community College.