Liposome Technology, Second Edition, Volume III  book cover
1st Edition

Liposome Technology, Second Edition, Volume III

ISBN 9780849367090
Published October 23, 1992 by CRC Press
432 Pages

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Book Description

Liposome Technology, Second Edition, is an updated, expanded new edition of a classic volume in the field. It covers all aspects of liposome technology, including liposome preparation and analysis, drug entrapment, and techniques used for in vivo and in vitro evaluation of liposomes. Leading authorities have contributed 70 chapters to create what is destined to be the standard liposome technology book for the 1990s. Many of the chapters describe methodologies practiced in authors' laboratories and provide specific examples of how these methodologies are applied in specific circumstances.

Liposome Technology, Second Edition will be an essential reference volume for academic and industrial researchers in pharmacology, pharmacy, medicine, biochemistry, and immunology.

What's new in the 2nd Edition?
The 2nd Edition covers significant developments in liposome technology that have occurred since the publication of the 1st Edition in 1982. These developments include the following:

  • New preparative procedures
  • Special approaches to accommodate the incorporation of certain drugs
  • New targeting techniques
  • Large scale production of liposomes, patents, and clinical trials
  • Table of Contents


    Optimal Liposomal Drug Action: From Serendipity to Targeting (Demetrios Papahadjopoulos). Interactions of Lipid Membranes with Blood Cells and Proteins: Implications for Drug Delivery and for Biocompatibility (R.L. Juliano and Michael Meyer). Pharmacodynamics of Liposomal Drug Carriers: Methodological Considerations (Marcel B. Bally, Lawrence D. Mayer, Michael J. Hope, and Rajiv Nayar). Techniques to Study the Opsonic Effect of Serum on Uptake of Liposomes by Phagocytic Cells from Various RES Organs (S. Moein Moghimi and Harish M. Patel). Sterically Stabilized (Stealth) Liposomes: Pharmacokinetic and Therapeutic Advantages (T.M. Allen and D. Papahadjopoulos). Application of Lipidic Liposome Labels to Study Hepatic Lipid Metabolism in Rats (Gerrit L. Scherphof, Roel J. Vonk, Henkjan J. Verkade, Johannes T.P. Derksen, and Folkert Kuipers). Techniques for the Study of Liposome-Skin Interaction (Michael Mezei). Technology for Monitoring Topically Applied Liposomes (N. Weiner, K. Egbaria, C. Ramachandran, and L. Lieb). Comments on the Application of Liposome Technology to Specific Cell Targeting (Lee Leserman, Hiroichiro Suzuki, and Patrick Machy). Immunoliposome Targeting in a Mouse Model: Optimization and Therapeutic Application (Atsuhide Mori and Leaf Huang). Preparation of Streptavidin-Liposomes for Use in Ligand-Specific Targeting Applications (H.C. Loughrey, L.S. Choi, K.F. Wong, P.R. Cullis, and M.B. Bally). Site Specific Liposomes Coated with Polysaccharides (Toshinori Sato and Junzo Sunamoto). Targeting of Liposomes with Mannose-Terminated Ligands (Gillian Barratt and Francis Schuber). Targeting of Liposomes with Tris-Galactoside-Terminated Cholesterol (Theo J.C. van Berkel, J. Kar Kruijt, Halbe H. Spanjer, Herman Jan M. Kempen, and Gerrit L. Scherphof). Coupling of Amino Group-Bearing Ligands to Liposomes (Volkmar Weissig and Gregory Gregoriadis). Liposome-Mediated Introduction of Macromolecules into Living Animal Cells with the Aid of HVJ (Sendai Virus) (Mahito Nakanishi and Yoshio Okada). Targeted Fusogenic Proteoliposomes: Functional Reconstitution of Membrane Proteins Through Protein-Cochleate Intermediates (Susan Gould Fogerite and Raphael J. Mannino). Target Sensitive Liposomes for Potential Therapeutic Applications (Purnima Pinnaduwage and Leaf Huang). Two Types of pH-Sensitive Immunoliposomes (Ana Tari, Fan Zhou, and Leaf Huang). Utilization of Contact Sensitive Liposome Formulations in Membrane Lytic Homogeneous Immunoassays (Larry R. Hillis, James D. Handly, and Bruce P. Babbitt). Preparation and Use of Liposomes in Immunological Studies (Carl R. Alving, Shigeki Shichijo, Inger Mattsby-Baltzer, Roberta L. Richards, and Nabila M. Wassef). Tolerability in Liposomes In Vivo (G. Storm, C. Oussoren, P.A.M. Peeters, and Y. Barenholz).

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