4th Edition

Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas Enhancing Knowledge in the Disciplines

By Sharon Kane Copyright 2019
    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Fourth Edition of Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas: Enhancing Knowledge in the Disciplines provides readers with the knowledge, motivation, tools, and confidence for integrating literacy in their disciplinary classrooms. Offering an original, literature-based approach to teaching disciplinary literacy, the new edition shares important ways in which teachers of courses in the disciplines can enhance student learning of subject matter and skills while also fostering their growth in the many facets of literacy. Throughout each chapter, Kane provides engaging and creative strategies and activities to make literacy come alive in discipline-specific courses and to encourage students to explore and learn in the classroom.

    Embedded in each chapter are examples, resources, and strategies to help readers actively engage with and implement literacy practices. These features include Teaching in Action examples by subject area; Activating Prior Knowledge activities to stimulate critical thinking to prepare readers to learn complex theoretical and conceptual material about teaching, learning, and literacy; and end-of-chapter Application Activities to apply field experiences to classroom use.

    New to the Fourth Edition

    • Every chapter of this new edition is updated to reflect the current approaches, standards, and benchmarks for discipline-specific literacy.

    • Enhanced Companion Website with BookTalks to introduce relevant books in many genres and subjects, encouraging readers to explore the books for themselves and providing a model for BookTalks in their own classrooms.
    • Expanded practical instructional strategies for teaching literacy in math, science, and social studies.
    • Updated to include newly published titles in children’s literature, young adult literature, and nonfiction.


    Chapter One: Reading, Literacy, And Teaching in The Disciplines

    Chapter Two: Affective and Social Aspects of Learning and Literacy in The Disciplines

    Chapter Three: The Role of Texts in Content Area Learning

    Chapter Four: The Role of Knowledge in Comprehension

    Chapter Five: Close Reading, Metacognition, and Critical Thinking

    Chapter Six: Vocabulary Development and Language Study

    Chapter Seven: Writing in the Disciplines

    Chapter Eight: Speaking and Listening: Vital Components of Literacy

    Chapter Nine: Multiliteracies: Visual, Media, And Digital

    Chapter Ten: Assessment of Literacy in the Disciplines

    Chapter Eleven: Content Area Literacy: Envisioning Your Future

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    Sharon Kane is a professor in the School of Education at the State University of New York at Oswego, USA.

    "Kane expertly balances theory and practice in this guide to literacy across the content areas. Speaking directly to a novice audience, this interactive journey prepares active readers with a robust teacher's toolbox of literacy strategies ready for the first year in the classroom."

    — Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs, SUNY Oneonta, USA

    "Going into its fourth edition, it keeps getting better. Filled with useful no-nonsense instructional practices and up-to-date references, the book is a treasure trove for generations of teachers."

    — Enrique A. Puig, University of Central Florida, USA

    "Every semester my students tell me how much they enjoy reading our course textbook. They find it engaging and practical because Kane supports their learning with classroom-tested literacy strategies and useful suggestions they can easily and effectively apply. The thoughtful, reflective nature of the text asks students to consider the hows of teaching and to question the whys, all with the intent to make their own classroom instruction better and to understand the importance of how literacy is the cornerstone for all content areas."

    — Theresa Duncko, Youngstown State University, USA