1st Edition

Literary Translation Research in China

Edited By Roberto A. Valdeón, Youbin Zhao Copyright 2023

    This book provides an overview of the research carried out by Chinese scholars in the field of literary translation. Although literary translation accounts for a small percentage of the translations produced every year, the interest into its cultural and historical significance continues to attract the interest of academics, notably in China. The contributors to the book engage in theoretical discussions, compare source and target texts, discuss the role of patronage and analyze the translation of unique cultural artefacts such as Chinese calligraphy. Their approaches range from the use of corpus-based studies to the use of mixed quantitative and qualitative methods to compare readers' views. This book will be of interest to researchers and advanced students of Linguistics, Literature, Translation Studies, and Cultural Studies. It was originally published as a special issue of the journal Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice.

    1. Introduction—Literary translation research in China

    Roberto A. Valdeón and Youbin Zhao

    2. A case study of translation norm dynamics: a Chinese perspective

    Mingwu Xu and Chuanmao Tian

    3. The politics of time in early Chinese translation of Western modernity

    Yangsheng Guo

    4. Translating Chinese culture into English: from sole patronage to joint patronage

    Liping Bai

    5. Translation and negotiation of gender stereotypes: metamorphosis of female characters in the English version of a Chinese classical novel

    Yunhong Wang, Xinbing Yu and Qing Chen

    6. Explicitation in children’s literature translated from English to Chinese: a corpus-based study of personal pronouns

    Xiaomin Zhang, Haidee Kotze (Kruger) and Jing Fang

    7. A bibliometric analysis of translation criticism studies and its implications

    Qin Huang and Xiaoxiao Xin

    8. Readers’ perceptions of Anthony Yu’s self-retranslation of The Journey to the West

    Feng (Robin) Wang and Philippe Humblé

    9. Re-conceptualizing foreignness: strategies and implications of translating Chinese calligraphic culture into English since the twentieth century

    Ge Song

    10. Intensified foreignness in translated Chinese literary names – A case study of Shen Congwen’s stories in English

    Minhui Xu


    Roberto A. Valdeón is Honorary Professor at South China Business College (SCBC), Guangzhou, China. He is a member of the Academia Europaea and general editor of the Benjamins Translation Library.

    Youbin Zhao is Professor in Translation Studies at the School of Translation Studies at Jinan University and Bryant University-BITZH, China. He is also an expert in Chinese calligraphy.