1st Edition

Lives of Victorian Literary Figures, Part I, Volume 2 George Eliot, Charles Dickens and Alfred, Lord Tennyson by their Contemporaries

    Collected here are the biographies which revealed aspects of their subjects that the more favourable "official" accounts tended to hide. The life of the author of each text is described, and their relation to the writers they portray is sketched in.

    Introduction, 1 John Foster, The Life of Charles Dickens 2 Autobiography All Fragments A Charles Dickens, Autobiographical Fragment Charles Dickens, David Copperfield 3 Unauthorised Biography A JC Hatton, Charles Dickens: The Story of His Life Be Robert Langton, The Childhood And Youth Of Charles Dickens 4 SB Perkins, Charles Dickens: A Sketch Of His Life And Works 5 James T Fields, Yesterdays With Authors 6 JH Friswell, Modern Men Of Letters Honestly Criticised 7 G H Lewes, Dickens In Relation To Criticism 8 G A Sala, Charles Dickens 9 William R Hughes A Week's Tramp In Dickens-Land 10 The Separation Scandal A John Foster The Life of Charles Dickens B Charles Dickens Personal C Mr Charles Dickens, The Times D Mr C Dickens, Reynolds Newspaper E From The Cult Circular F The Dickens Domestic Affair Published In The New York Tribune 11 A W.N. Thackeray CD And His Friends In Cornwall B Kate Peru Thackeray And My Father 12 the Garrick affair capital a JC Hatton, Charles Dickens the story of his life be at mandates, recollections and experiences 13 FG Kitten, Charles Dickens By Pen And Pencil 14 WT Shaw, Charles Dickens And His Friends 15 JC Hatton, Charles Dickens The Story Of His Life 16 Edmund Yates Recollections And Experiences 17 Percy Fitzgerald, Memories Of Charles Dickens 18 Charles And Mary Cowden Clarke, Recollections Of Writers 19 Sir Henry Fielding Dickens, Memories Of My Father 20 James T Fields, Yesterdays With Authors 21 Kate Field, Pen Photographs Of Charles Dickens Readings 22 George Dolby, Charles Dickens As I Knew Him 23 Mary(Mamie) Dickens, My Father As I Recall Him 24 John Foster The Life Of Charles Dickens 25 Death Of Charles Dickens The Times 26 Blanchard Jerrold A Day With Charles Dickens 27 Charles Dickens, Punch 28 Sir Arthur Helps, In Memorandum.


    Volume Editors: Gail Marshall (V1 George Eliot), Corinna Russell (V2: Charles Dickens), Matthew Bevis (V3: Lord Alfred Tennyson) Series Editor Ralph Pite.