1st Edition

Lives of Victorian Political Figures, Part I, Volume 1 Palmerston, Disraeli and Gladstone by their Contemporaries

    512 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Aims to bring alive, through the eyes of their contemporaries, three of the greatest political figures of the Victorian era - Henry, third Viscount Palmerston, Benjamin Disraeli and William Gladstone. This four-volume set draws together various documents including journals and diaries, pamphlets, correspondence, and other ephemeral literature.

    I. Accusations against Palmerston as a Russian Agent, Proposed Impeachment of Lord Palmerston, Contradictions of Lord Palmerston in Reference to Poland and Circassia; William Cargill, Mehemet Ali, Lord Palmerston, Russia and France, II. Attacks on Palmerston’s Liberal Policy; Charles MacFarlane, Sicily: her Constitutions, and Viscount Palmerston’s Sicilian Blue Book; William Walton, A Letter Addressed to Viscount Palmerston; The Marquess of Normanby, The Congress and the Cabinet, III. Attacks on Palmerston’s Foreign Policy; ‘Men and Movements of Our Times, II: Aberdeen and Palmerston’, IV. Defence of Palmerston’s Foreign Policy William Coningham, Lord Palmerston and Prince Albert, V. General Overviews and Obituaries; Evelyn Denison, Viscount Ossington, Notes from my Journal when Speaker of the House of Commons; F.J. Snell, Palmerston’s Borough; ‘Free Trader’, Lord Grey and Lord Palmerston: A Letter Addressed to the Right Hon. T.B. Macaulay; Edmund Phipps (ed.), Memoirs of the Political and Literary Life of Robert Plumer Ward; ‘Lord Palmerston as Premier’ ; Thomas MacKnight, Thirty Years of Foreign Policy; ‘A Late Resident in China’, Lord Palmerston’s Foreign Policy in and out of Europe; ‘Decline and Fall of Lord Palmerston’s Ministry’; ‘Lord Palmerston’ (Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine); John Bowring, ‘Recollections of Lord Palmerston’; ‘Lord Palmerston’ (British Quarterly Review)