1st Edition

Living Donor Kidney Transplantation Current Practices, Emerging Trends and Evolving Challenges

Edited By Jonas Wadström, Robert Gaston Copyright 2005

    Living donor kidney (LDK) transplantation has become the definitive approach to the treatment of end-stage renal failure, providing a better quality of life and the best opportunity for survival when compared with dialysis or transplantation from a deceased donor. A timely compendium of the modern day practice of LDK transplantation from a group of outstanding international experts, this text explores a number of controversial aspects of this innovative new technique. Discussing in detail the current situation, the authors also focus on the responsibility of the medical community to the live kidney donor as a patient, and the potential for complacency regarding donor risk. Emphasizing the ethical principles that must dictate medical practice in LDK transplantation for the foreseeable future - voluntarism, informed consent and medical follow-up - this book comprehensively records the best practices currently available.

    1 Introduction
    2 Historical background
    3 Immunological aspects
    4 Living donor evaluation
    5 Pre-emptive transplantation
    6 Marginal donors
    7 Surgery of the living donor
    8 Donor outcomes: long-term follow-up
    9 Psychosocial effects of donation
    10 Overcoming immunologic barriers: ABO incompatibility
    11 Positive cross-matches
    12 Paired exchange
    13 List-paired and non-directed donation
    14 Legal and ethical dilemmas
    15 Financial and insurance issues
    16 Arguments for paid living donation
    17 Arguments against paid living donation


    Jonas Wadström, Robert Gaston

    'Overall this is an excellent reference for the evaluation, selection and discussion of the living donor.' - American Journal of Kidney Disease

    'This is a unique book in its focus on the topics of living donor kidney transplantation. It is a scholarly review of the subject and thus an important reference with high educational value.'- Doody's Book Review Service