1st Edition

Living Well with Dementia The Importance of the Person and the Environment for Wellbeing

By Shibley Rahman Copyright 2014
    by CRC Press

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    This unique guide provides a much needed overview of dementia care. With a strong focus on the importance of patients and families, it explores the multifaceted meaning behind patient wellbeing and its vital significance in the context of national policy. Adopting a positive, evidence-based approach, the book dispels the bleak outlook on dementia management. Its person-centred ideology considers fundamental areas such as independence, leisure and other activities, and end-of-life care - integrating the NICE quality standard where relevant. It also places great emphasis on patient environment including practical home and ward design, the importance of gardens, and sensory considerations. All public and health care professionals will be stimulated by Rahman's outstanding assimilation of theory and practice. Patients, their families and friends will also find much for inspiration and practical assistance.

    Dedication. Acknowledgements. Foreword by Professor John Hodges. Foreword by Sally Ann Marciano. Foreword by Professor Facundo Manes. Introduction. What is 'living well with dementia'? Measuring living well with dementia. Socio-economic arguments for promoting living well with dementia. A public health perspective on living well in dementia, and the debate over screening. The relevance of the person for living well with dementia. Leisure activities and living well with dementia. Maintaining wellbeing in end-of-life care for living well with dementia. Living well with specific types of dementia: a cognitive neurology perspective. General activities which encourage wellbeing. Decision-making, capacity and advocacy in living well with dementia. Communication and living well with dementia. Home and ward design to promote living well with dementia. Assistive technology and living well with dementia. Ambient-assisted living well with dementia. The importance of built environments for living well with dementia.  Dementia-friendly communities and living well with dementia. Conclusion.


    Shibley Rahman

    "I would recommend this book 100%. It just makes sense to read. This will appeal to so many professionals going to be involved in the care of the elderly. And anyone who is doing research in this field should go through this book too."
    –BMA Medical Book Awards Programme