1st Edition

Living with Environmental Change Social Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience in Vietnam

Edited By W. Neil Adger, P. Mick Kelly, Nguyen Huu Ninh Copyright 2001
    340 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    Vietnam and the neighbouring countries of Southeast Asia face diverse challenges created by the rapid evolution of their social, economic and environmental systems and resources. Taking a multidisciplinary perspective, this book provides a comprehensive assessment of the Vietnamese situation, identifying the factors shaping social vulnerability and resilience to environmental change and considering prospects for sustainable development.

    Part I. Vietnam and Environmental Change

    1. Environment, Society and Precipitous Change W. Neil Adger, P. Mick Kelly and Nguyen Huu Ninh

    2. Social Vulnerability and Resilience W. Neil Adger and P. Mick Kelly

    3. Managing Environmental Change in Vietnam P. Mick Kelly, Tran Viet Lien, Hoang Minh Hien, Nguyen Huu Ninh and W. Neil Adger

    4. Historical Perspectives on Environment and Development Cecilia Luttrell

    Part II. The Natural Resource Base

    5. Property Rights, Institutions and Resource Management - Coastal Resources Under doi moi W. Neil Adger, P. Mick Kelly, Nguyen Huu Ninh and Ngo Cam Thanh

    6. Forest Land Allocation and Deforestation Processes in the Uplands Davide Pettenella

    7. Sustainable Agriculture in the Uplands of Northern Vietnam - Attitudes, Constraints and Priorities of Ethnic Minorities Andreas Neef

    8. Environmental Change, Ecosystem Degradation and the Value of Wetland Rehabilitation in the Mekong Delta Duong Van Ni, Roger Safford and Edward Maltby

    9. Mangrove Conservation and Restoration for Enhanced Resilience Nguyen Hoang Tri, Phan Nguyen Hong, W. Neil Adger and P. Mick Kelly

    10. Responding to El Niño and La Niña - Averting Tropical Cyclone Impacts P. Mick Kelly, Hoang Minh Hien and Tran Viet Lien

    Part III. Development Pathways

    11. Trade, Investment and Industrial Pollution - Lessons from Southeast Asia Rhys Jenkins

    12. Sustainable Urbanisation and Environmental Issues in Vietnam David Drakakis-Smith and Andrea Kilgour

    13. Politics, Ecology and Water - the Mekong Delta and Development of the Lower Mekong Basin Chris Sneddon and Nguyen Thanh Binh

    14. Prospects for Sustainable Development W, Neil Adger, P. Mick Kelly and Nguyen Huu Ninh


    Adger, W. Neil; Kelly, P. Mick; Ninh, Nguyen Huu

    'The book will appeal and be instructive to members of the scientific community who already consider or wish to learn more about the human element to environmental change ... provides a useful examination of how the people of Vietnam have responded to these changes and the social vulnerability, adaptation and resiliance that governs how they will respond to changes in the future.' - Land Degradation and Development, M.Simpson

    'Living with Environmental Change: Social Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience in Vietnam is itself a rich resource which will help to broaden and deepen students' and scholars' understanding of environmental change in transitional economies.' - The Journal of Development Studies