1st Edition

Lucid Exposition of the Middle Way The Essential Chapters From The Prasannapada of Candrakirti

By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Copyright 2008

    Originally published in 1979.

    The Prasannapada is the explanation of the versed aphorisms of Nagarjuna which are the first and basic statement of the Buddhist philosophy of the middle way. When first published, this volume was the first attempt, in any European language, to present all the essentials of this most radical of Buddhist philosophical works. Seventeen of its twenty-seven chapters have been chosen to give an integrated statement of every aspect of its arguments and conclusions.



    1. Concern, Method and Assumptions of the Middle Way Philosophy
    2. Attack on the Possibility of Knowledge
    3. Enquiry into Conditions
    4. Motion and Rest
    5. Vision and the Other Sense Faculties
    6. Material Objects and the Other Factors of Personal Existence
    7. The Primal Elements or Character & Characteristic
    8. Desire and Other Afflictions
    9. The Agent Subject and His Doing
    10. Self as Subject of Perception
    11. Fire and Fuel
    12. The Absence of Being in Things
    13. Self-Existence
    14. Self and the Way Things Really Are
    15. Time
    16. The Perfectly Realized One
    17. The Basic Afflictions and the Four Misbeliefs
    18. The Four Buddhist Truths
    19. Nirvana


    Mervyn Sprung