Luminescence Biotechnology: Instruments and Applications, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Luminescence Biotechnology

Instruments and Applications, 1st Edition

Edited by Knox Van Dyke, Christopher Van Dyke, Karen Woodfork

CRC Press

624 pages | 32 Color Illus. | 250 B/W Illus.

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The dangers and drawbacks inherent in radioactivity-based methods along with a demonstrated and dramatic increase in sensitivity have precipitated a major shift towards luminescence measurements and visualization techniques. Their use has now spread even to traditional clinical environments, and their applications have grown from clinical assays to DNA sequencing, antioxidant detection, and high-throughput screening.

Luminescence Biotechnology: Instruments and Applications furnishes a thorough w review of the principles and applications of luminescence. With a consistent focus on practical considerations, contributions from a team of internationally acclaimed authors take you from the fundamentals of the different luminescence-based assay systems, calculation methods, and instruments through the spectrum of applications and latest research advances. Topics include gene and protein assays, oxidative stress and tissue aging, applications of luminescent microspheres, and proton image analysis.

This book clearly identifies the advantages of luminescence over other assay techniques, discusses its potential pitfalls, and illustrates the broad range of its utility. Whether you are a newcomer to the field or a seasoned professional, this book provides a wealth of information that will bring you quickly up to date on the technology, recent research developments, and cutting-edge applications.

Table of Contents


Light Probes, K. Van Dyke and K. Woodfork

Instrumentation for the Measurement of Luminescence, K. Van Dyke and K. Woodfork

Calculations to Quantify Luminescent Measurements, C. Van Dyke

A Low Budget Luminometer for Sensitive Chemiluminescent Immunoassays, N. Porakishvili, J. Fordham, M. Charrel, P. Delves, T. Lund, and I Roitt

Appendix A: Functionality of Commercially Available Instruments for Luminescence, K. Van Dyke

Appendix B: Survey of Commercially Available Instruments for Luminescence, C. Van Dyke


Chemiluminescent n-Sulfonyl Acridinium-9-Carboxamides and their Application in Clinical Assay, M. Adamczyk and P. Mattingly

Bioluminescent Detection of Proteolytic Bond Cleavage by Using Recombitant Aequorin, S. Deo, J. Lewis, and S. Daunert

Development of New Enzyme Labels for Bioluminescent Enzyme Immunoassay, M. Maeda

Assay of Diversified Biomolecules with a Luminescent Conjugate Substrate, T. Sudharanl and A. Reddy

Hybrid Capture®: A System for Nucleic Acid Detection by Signal Amplification Technology, A. Lorincz and James Anthony


Chemiluminescent Technology: Optimization of Western Blot and ELISA's Utilizing a Horseradish Peroxidase Label in Automated Systems, K. Hines, K. Feather-Henigan, L. Li, I. Horneij, C. Clothier, G. Milosevich, B. Lipton, and To Brotcke

A Luminal/Indophenol Chemiluminescent Detection System for Western Immunoblots, A. Yakunin and P. Hallenbeck

Chemiluminescent Detection of Immobilized Nucleic Acids-From Southern Blots to Microarrays, J. Tonkinson, B. Parker, and M. Harvey

Differential Display Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for Using Chemiluminescent Detection, G. An and R. Veltri

Non-Radioactive Labeled Amlified Fragment Length Polymorphism for Application in Forest Trees, B. Ziegenhagen, R. Brettschneider, V. Kuhlenkamp, and M. Fladung

Detection of Nucleic Acids Using Chemiluminescence: From Northerns to Southerns and Beyond, J. Jackson, B. Strachan, D. von Schack, and L. Sylvers

Luciferase Assay, a Powerful Tool to Determine Toxic Methalp-Induces NT-kB Activation, F. Chen, K. Van Dyke, V. Vallaythan, V. Catranova, and X. Shi

Pyrosequencing: A Bioluminometric Method of DNA Sequencing, M. Ronaghi, N. Pourmand, and V. Stolc

Pathway-Specific cDNA Array Using Luminescent Detection, K. Van Dyke


Application of Chemiluminescence in Phagocyte-Pathogen Interactions, S. Gomis, D. Godson, and A. Potter

L-023, an Ultrasensitive Reagent for Detecting Cellular Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species, I. Imada, E. Sato, Y. Ichimori, Y. Aramaki, and M. Inoue

Avoiding the Jaws of Using Lucigenin as a Chemiluminigenic Probe for Biological Superoxide: Determining When it's Safe to Go Back into the Water, M. Trush and Y. Li

Chemiluminescent Polymer Microspheres for Measuring Reactive Oxygen Species, S. Hosaka and T. Uchida

The Effect of Antibiotics on Phagocytic Function of Granulocytes, P. Hengster, T. Eberl, F. Allerberger, M. Kunc, M. Dierich, and R. Margreiter

in vitro CMIä: Rapid Assay for Measuring Cell-Mediated Immunity, J. Britz, P. Sottong, and R. Kowalski

Protective Effects of Native but not Oxidized HDL Against Pro-Inflammatory Respiratory Burst Activities of Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes Induced by Hypochlorited-Oxidized LDL, S. Lopprasch, J. Pietzsch, and J. Gräßler

Peroxynitrite-Based Luminol Luminescence of Macrophages and Enhancement of the Signal, K. Van Dyke, P. McConnell, M. Taylor, and L.Frost


Luminescence Analysis of Oxidative States Induced by organ Transplantation, A. Lojek, and M. Ciz

Acceleration Of Tissue Aging In Chickens Caused By Oxidative Stress Using Allopurinol and Detected By Cellular Humoral Chemiluminescence, H. Klandorf,D. Rathore, M. Iqbal, X. Shi, M. Simoyi, and K. Van Dyke

Enhancement of Luminal-Dependent-Peroxynitrite Luminescence in Dishes and Tubes from Various Macrophages: Rat Alveolar Macrophages Apparently Display a New Oxidative Mechanism, K. Van Dyke, M. Taylor, D. McConnell, and M. Reasor

A Search to Detect Antioxidants Using Luminescence Useful for Treating Oxidative Stress, K. Van Dyke, P. McConnell, and M. Sacks

Luminol Luminescence Generated by a Novel Peroxynitrite Mechanism is Inhibited by Polyphenolic Plant Extracts: Nitroglycerin Tablets and Superoxide Generate Peroxynitrite, N. Agarwal and K. Van Dyke

Antioxidant Activity in Grape and other Fruit Extracts Inhibit Peroxynitrite-Dependent Oxidation as Measured by Luminescnece, K. Van Dyke, C. Ogle, and M. Reasor

Antioxidant Action of Acetaminophen Preventing Myocardial Injury Detected by Luminescence and other Modalities, G. Merrill

Luciferase Luminescence can be Used to Access Oxidative Damage to Plasmid DNA and its Prevention by Selected Fruit Extracts, K. Van Dyke, C. Ogle, and M. Reasor


Detection System Optimized for Low Light Chemiluminescent Imaging, M. Christenson

Applications of Bio- and Chemiluminescent Imaging in Analytical Biotechnology, A. Roda, M. Guardigli, P. Pasini, M. Musiani, and M. Baraldini

Quantification of the a3 Subunit of the Na+/K+=-ATPase in Cerebellar Purkinjie Neurons Using Luminescence, P. Biser, J. Kong, W. Fleming, and D. Taylor

The Influence of Plates on Luminescent Measurements, P. Hengster, T. Eberl, W. Mark, M. Kunc, and W. Steurer

Whole Body Bioluminescent Imaging for the Study of Animal Models of Human Bacterial Disease, K. Francis, D. Joh, S. Buirns, C. Gruber, C. Contag, and P. Contag


Resonance Energy Transfer as an Emerging Technique for Monitoring Protein-Protein Interaction in vivo: BRET vs FRET, Y. Xu, A. Kanauchi, D. Piston, and C. Johnson

Bret2TM The Power of Two: Efficient Energy Transfer from Renilla Luciferase of GFP@ to Measure Protein-Protein Interactions and Intracellular Signaling Events in Live Cells, P. Dionne, M. Caron, A. Labonté, K. Allen, B. Houle, E. Joly, S.C. Taylor, and L. Menard

High Throughput Screening of Arabidopsis Mutants with De-regulated Stress-Responsive Luciferase Gene Expression Using a CCD Camera, B. Lee, B. Stevenson, and J.-K. Zhu

NorthStarä HTS Workstation: A CCD-Based Integrated Platform for High-Throughput Screening, D. Boldt-Houle, Y. Yan, C. Olesen, A. Chiulli, B. D'Eon, B. Liu, J. Voyta, and I. Bronstein

Versatile, Fast, Multilabel Biochip Reader Using a CCD Camera, F. Berthold, B. Breirkopf, and K. Van Dyke

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