1st Edition

Machine Learning Hybridization and Optimization for Intelligent Applications

Edited By Tanvir Habib Sardar, Bishwajeet Kumar Pandey Copyright 2025
    384 Pages 111 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book discusses state-of-the-art reviews of the existing machine-learning techniques and algorithms including hybridizations and optimizations. It covers applications of machine learning via artificial intelligence (AI) prediction tools, the discovery of drugs, neuroscience, diagnosis in multiple imaging modalities, pattern recognition approaches to functional magnetic resonance imaging, image and speech recognition, automatic language translation, medical diagnostic, stock market prediction, traffic prediction, and product automation.

    • Focuses on hybridization and optimization of machine learning techniques.
    • Reviews supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning using case study based applications.
    • Covers latest machine learning applications in diverse domains as IoT, data science, cloud computing, distributed and parallel computing.
    • Explains computing models using real world examples and dataset based experiments.
    • Includes case study based explanations and usage for machine learning technologies and applications

    This book is aimed at graduate students and researchers in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and electrical engineering.

    1. Big data computing – transforming from cloud computing to edge scheduling perspectives review
    Sandhya Rani Nallola, Vadivel Ayyasamy

    2. Decision Making In The Field Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: State-of-the-Art
    Sohini Ghosh, Bishwayan Ghosh, Suneeta Mohanty, Prasant Kumar Pattnaik

    3. A Brief Study on Understanding and Handling COVID-19: Test Bed for Forecasting with Deep Learning and Machine Learning Algorithms
    Premalatha M, Anusooya G, Suganya G, Braveen M, Venkatasubramanian Adhinarayanan

    4. AgTech: Using Sensors and Analytics to Revolutionize Farming Practices (IoT)
    Shola Usharani, Alabhya Sharma, Aniket Kulkarni, Abhay Arora,Hritik Goel

    5. Developing AI based Multi-Task Transfer learning framework for Automating Judicial Contracts
    Aswiga R V

    6. Analysis of deep learning methodologies for handling non-medical big data’s and very limited medical data’s with feature extraction and annotation techniques
    Aswiga R V

    7. Introduction to Virtualization Security and Cloud Security
    Sonal Sharma,D.Lohith Kumar ,Er.Ashish Vijay

    8.Security Breaches in IoT Applications: An Extensive Study
    Silpa C, M Ganesh Karthik, K G Suma, Aari Sai Prasanna, Aluri Haritha Arun

    9.Arrhythmia Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms
    R. Anandha Praba, L.Suganthi and E.S.Selva Priya

    10. A Big data analytics: The classification of remote sensing images using machine learning techniques
    Pushpalatha V, Mahendra H N, Shoaib Kamal, Mallikarjun swamy S

    11. Segmentation of Transmission Tower Components based on Machine Learning
    Satheeswari Damodaran, Leninisha Shanmugam, Parkavi K, Nirmala Venkatachalam

    12. A Systematic Analysis on Robot Path Planning and Optimization Techniques
    Pallapothala Tejaswini, Kaushlendra Sharma, Rajesh Doriya

    13.Pneumonia Prediction Model using Deep Learning on Docker
    Yash Seth, A Philip, Jinen Rathore, Gayathri R and Shola Usharani

    14. A Sequential Deep Learning Model Approach to OCR based Handwritten Digit Recognition for Physically Impaired People
    Charan S, Sheena Christabel Pravin, Rohith G, Kiruthika V, Yaswant T

    15. A deep learning strategy to Sign Language Classification and Recognition for hearing impaired people
    Souvagya Ganguli, Sumit Anand, Supriti Das, and Rohith G

    16. Non-fungible tokens (NFT): The Design and Development of Obstacle Assault Game and Turtle Sidestep game
    Sam Methuselah, Vishal Singh, Neel Raval, Vedant Bisen, Adrika Tamuly, Sisira Mondreti, PrinceAttri and Rohith G

    17. Design and Development of 2D Space Shooter Game and Arcade game Using Unity
    Jaiveer Singh Rathore, Arunava Mukherjee, Sradha N, Saumya Bhardwaj, Rohan Purkait, Harsh Mathur, and Rohith G

    18. An Ensemble Technique using Genetic Algorithm and Deep Learning for the Prediction of Rice Diseases
    Sunanda Das, Tanvir H. Sardar, Sahana DS

    19. History of Machine Learning
    Deepak K. Sinha, Garima Sinha

    20. Internet of Things Start-ups: An Overview of the Privacy and Security in IoT Start-ups
    Suguna M, Aswathy Sreenivasan, Suresh M, Om Kumar C U


    Tanvir Habib Sardar is an Assistant Professor in the department of CSE at GITAM University, Bengaluru campus. He has more than fifteen years of experience in industry and academia. His research domain is big data, machine learning, fuzzy logic, and distributed computing using MapReduce.

    Bishwajeet Kumar Pandey is a Professor at Department of Intelligent System and Cyber Security, Astana IT University Kazaksthan. He is also a visiting professor at Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazaksthan (QS World Rank 355) and UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (QS World Rank 300). He has interest in Green Computing, High-Performance Computing, Cyber-Physical Systems, Machine Learning, and Cyber Security.