1st Edition

Magnetoelectricity in Composites

Edited By Mirza Bichurin, Dwight Viehland Copyright 2012
    270 Pages 40 Color & 84 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book brings together numerous contributions to the field of magnetoelectric (ME) composites that have been reported since the beginning of the new millennium. It presents assimilation of facts into the established knowledge, so that the potential of the field can be made transparent to the new generations of talent to advance the subject matter. This book discusses these bulk and nanostructured magnetoelectric composites from both experimental and theoretical perspectives. From application viewpoint, microwave devices, sensors, transducers, and heterogeneous read/write devices are among the suggested technical implementations of magnetoelectric composites.

    Magnetoelectric Interaction in Magnetoordered Materials (review), M. I. Bichurin
    Effective Medium Approach. Low Frequency Range, M. I. Bichurin, V. M. Petrov
    Magnetoelectric Effect in the Electromechanical Resonance Range, M. I. Bichurin, V. M. Petrov
    Magnetoelectric Effect and Green’s Function Method, Ce-Wen Nan
    Equivalent-Circuit Method and Magnetoelectric Low Frequency Devices, S. Dong, D. Viehland
    Ferrite-Piezoelectric Composites at Ferromagnetic Resonance Range and Magnetoelectric Microwave Devices, G. Srinivasan, M. I. Bichurin
    Magnetoelectric Effects in Nanocomposites, V. M. Petrov, M. I. Bichurin


    Mirza Bichurin serves as professor and head of department at the Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod, Russia.

    Dwight Viehland is professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia.

    "Magnetoelectricity in Composites is an excellent text covering fundamentals of analytical modeling, material behavior and experiments. Chapters from leading authors in this field provide an in-depth coverage of design principles for refining the performance of two-phase architectures over a wide frequency range. The book is a must read for researchers investigating new connectivity patterns in piezoelectric-magnetostrictive materials."
    —Prof. Shashank Priya, VirginiaTech, USA

    "This interesting book, which comes at the right time, is a concentrate of the most recent scientific discoveries in composite multiferroics. Written by highly recognized authors in the field, it is an excellent reference for inspiring researchers, especially for young scientists and students!"
    —Prof. Anatoly Zvezdin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia