1st Edition

Major Impacts and Plate Tectonics A Model for the Phanerzoic Evolution of the Earth's Lithosphere

By Neville Price Copyright 2001
    368 Pages
    by CRC Press

    368 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Neville Price presents a major breakthrough in our understanding of the subject of plate tectonics in this new book. In this ambitious look at the importance of impacts of objects from space on the earth, he challenges the fundamentals of the theory on which geoscience has rested for the past 25 years.

    In the latter half of the 20th century, earth-scientists gradually became aware of the scale and effect of bombardment by meteoric material on Earth. Prior to 1950 only a handful of small craters were generally accepted as resulting from impact events. Now "certain" impacts number around 150, with four such features measuring over 100km in diameter.

    Neville Price evaluates the mechanisms that give rise to plate movements. Generally, such plates move slowly at about the rate-of-growth of human nails and their tracks are usually smooth, gentle curves . Major Impacts and Plate Tectonics presents evidence to show that impacts can cause significant and dramatic changes in track, which cannot be explained by current theories of plate tectonics. The book also demonstrates that such major impact events often coincide with the development of continental flood basalts and oceanic plateau basalts and frequently coincide with major stratigraphic stage boundaries and toxicity, which in turn can be associated with periods of extinction. It concludes that geological history comprises periods of relatively orderly, evolutionary change in Earth and life-forms punctuated by catastrophic changes induced by major impacts that reset the evolutionary clock.

    1. Earth and the Solar System 2. Characteristics, Stress in and Strength of the Lithosphere 3. Assessment of Mechanisms That Cause Plate Movement 4. Hot Spots, Plumes and Lithospheric Thinning, Large Igneous Provinces and the Splitting of Continents 5. Geometries and Mechanisms of Impact Structures 6. Impact and Plate Motion, the Development of Flood and Plateau Basalts Regional Track
    ks, Impact Control and Future Risks


    Price, Neville