1st Edition

Making Multimedia in the Classroom A Teachers' Guide

    Multimedia authoring offers a motivating and imaginative approach to subject matter where students can develop skills in group work and problem solving. This teachers guide explores the process of students authoring multimedia presentations on computer using images, text, sound, animation and video, as an integrated part of their curriculum work. It offers a theoretical basis, detailed practical advice and many classroom examples.

    Each chapter covers a different aspect of multimedia authoring including:

    * planning multimedia into the curriculum
    * case studies and examples of student multimedia presentations
    * classroom management of the project
    * assessment and evaluation
    * choosing software and resources.

    This book encourages teachers to be imaginative about their subject and gives an important strategy for student motivation. It comes with a CD-ROM which can be used in the classroom as an introduction to multimedia work. Essential reading for all primary and secondary teachers.

    1. Introduction 2. Planning a Project into the Curriculum 3. Group Work and Collaboration 4. Space and Time 5. Audience 6. Designing Screens 7. New Structures and Making Maps 8. Interactivity 9. Collecting Information and Creating the Presentation 10. Receiving and Responding to Critical Feedback 11. Student Evaluation 12.Teacher Assessment 13. Infants Making Multimedia 14. Special Needs in Primary Schools 15. Teachers' Experience 16. Choosing Software and Resources


    Vivi Lachs is an advisory teacher for ICT. In 1997 she was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship for multimedia in science.

    'Sometimes you find a book that's so good you want to tell everyone about it and Vivi Lachs' book Making Multimedia in the Classroom is just such a book ... Quite simply, this is a joyous book because it humanises ICT, asserts its importance at the centre of learning and exalts creativity.' - The Times Educational Supplement

    'The book provides an excellent introduction and guide for any teacher or student teacher who may be considering sensible and clear advice on planning and progression, and it is difficult not to feel that anyone reading this book would be much less likely to have a negative or frustrating experience in launching into multimedia initiatives ... a very practical, sensible and well written guide.' - Terry Haydn, Educational Review