Making Sense of Death : Spiritual,Pastoral and Personal Aspects of Death,Dying and Bereavement book cover
1st Edition

Making Sense of Death
Spiritual,Pastoral and Personal Aspects of Death,Dying and Bereavement

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ISBN 9780895032492
Published June 15, 2003 by Routledge
260 Pages

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Book Description

The editors of "Making Sense of Death: Spiritual, Pastoral, and Personal Aspects of Death, Dying and Bereavement" provide stimulating discussions as they ponder the meaning of life and death.This anthology explores the process of meaning-making in the face of death and the roles of religion and spirituality at times of loss; the profound and devastating experience of loss in the death of a spouse or a child; a psychological model of spirituality; the dimensions of spirituality; humor in client-caregiver relationships; the worldview of modernity in contrast to postmodern assumptions; the Buddhist perspective of death, dying, and pastoral care; meaning-making in the virtual reality of cyberspace; individualism and death; and the historical context of Native Americans, the concept of disenfranchised grief, and its detailed application to the Native American experience.It also explores: a qualitative survey on the impact of the shooting deaths of students in Colorado; a team approach with physicians, nursing, social services, and pastoral care; a study of health care professionals, comparing clergy with other health professionals; marginality in spiritual and pastoral care for the dying; a qualitative research study of registered nurses in the northeast United States; and loss and growth in the seasons of life.

Table of Contents



Introduction Herman H. van der Kloot Meijburg and Robert A. Bendiksen 

SECTION I Facing the Death of a Loved One

CHAPTER 1 The Role of Spiritual Experience in Adapting to Bereavement Louis A. Gamino, Larry W. Easterling, and Kenneth W. Sewell

CHAPTER 2 The Death of a Spouse: A Spiritual and Psychological Crisis Susan J. Zonnebelt-Smeenge and Robert C. DeVries

CHAPTER 3 For Those Who Stand and Wait Kent Koppelman

SECTION II Meaning-Making in the Face of Death

CHAPTER 4 A Taste of Heaven Here on Earth: For the Dying and for the Accompanier Rabbi Daniel A. Roberts 

CHAPTER 5 Death, Humor, and Spirituality: Strange Bedfellows? Ruth Dean

CHAPTER 6 Death and the Postmodern Self: Individualism, Religion, and the Transformation of the Modern Self Raymond L. M. Lee

CHAPTER 7 The Healing Touch of Awareness: A Buddhist Perspective on Death, Dying, and Pastoral Care Arthur O. Ledoux

SECTION III Extraordinary Death and Loss

CHAPTER 8 Cyber Cemeteries and Virtual Memorials: Virtual Living Monuments as On-line Outlets for Real Life Mourning and a Celebration of Life Hermann Gruenwald and Le Gruenwald

CHAPTER 9 Violence is the Dark Side of Spirituality John D. Morgan

CHAPTER 10 Native American Grief and Loss: Conceptualizations of Disenfranchised Grief and Historical Trauma at Individual and Community Levels Steven R. Byers, Theresa T. Erdkamp, and Lisa Byers

CHAPTER 11 In the Aftermath of Columbine: Tragedy as Opportunity for  Transformation Kevin Ann Oltjenbruns, Steven R. Byers, and Suzanne Tochterman

SECTION IV Professional Caregivers and Spirituality

CHAPTER 12 When a Patient Dies: Meeting Spiritual Needs of the Bereaved in a Health Care Setting Fran Rybarik and Diane Midland

CHAPTER 13 An Exploratory Study of the Spirituality of Clergy as Compared with Health Care Professionals David W. Adams and Rick Csiernik

CHAPTER 14 Living, Dying, and Grieving in the Margins Rev. Richard B. Gilbert

SECTION V Conclusion

CHAPTER 15 Spirituality in Nursing: Being in a Liminal Space  Cheryl Laskowski

CHAPTER 16 Spirituality and Loss Gerry R. Cox




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