1st Edition

Making Teaching Community Property A Menu for Peer Collaboration and Peer Review

By Pat Hutchings Copyright 1996

    Describes strategies through which faculty can document and "go public" with their teaching—be it for purposes of improvement or evaluation. Each of nine chapters features a different strategy—from the fairly simple, low-risk "teaching circle," to "course portfolios," to more formal departmental occasions such as faculty hiring—with reports by faculty who have actually tried each strategy, guidelines for good practice, and an annotated list of resources.

    Preface--Russell Edgerton; Introduction; 1. Teaching Circles. Starting the Conversation; Setting a Scholarly Tone Teaching Circles in the History Department at Kent State University--John Jameson; Fostering Collective Responsibility for Student Learning Teaching Seminars in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Mathematics Department--Charles Burnap and Miriam Leiva; Learning Together An Online Faculty Conversation About Online Student Conversation at Rio Hondo College--Susan Obler; 2. Reciprocal Visits and Observations. Opening the Classroom Door; Reciprocal Classroom Visits An Experiment in the Temple University History Department--William Cutler and Howard Spodek; The Teacher Observation/Peer Support (TOPS. Program at California State University-Dominguez Hills--Kathleen McEnerney and Jamie L. Webb; The Featured Faculty Program at Eastern Michigan University byDeborah DeZure; 3. Mentoring. Teachers Teaching Other Teachers; A New Faculty Mentoring Program in the Stanford English Department byDavid Halliburton;The Faculty Tutorial Program at Saint Olaf College--Jonathan Hill; The Issue of Supply Fostering Senior Faculty Leadership at The College of Saint Catherine--Marilou Eldred; 4. A Focus on Student Learning; Interviewing Each Other's Students in the Legal Studies Program at the University of Georgia--Peter Shedd; Classroom Assessment as a Context for Faculty Conversation and Collaboration at California State University-Long Beach--Susan Nummedal; Making Students More Active Agents in Their Learning TQM in the Syracuse University School of Business--Frances Zollers; 5. Portfolios. Putting the Pieces Together; Inventing a New Genre The Course Portfolio at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse--William Cerbin; Developing a Course Portfolio in Math A Report From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln--Steve Dunbar; 6. Team Teaching and Teaching Teams; Teaching Teams in the Math Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln--Steve Dunbar; A Team Approach to Course Design and Teaching in an Integrated Arts and Humanities Course at Alverno College--Kevin Casey; Coordinated Studies A Model for Faculty Collaboration and Team Teaching in a Consortium of Washington Campuses--Jean MacGregor; Team Teaching About Teaching the Disciplines The Pedagogy Seminar at Millersville University--Barbara Stengel; 7. Collaborative Inquiry and Pedagogical Scholarship; Collaborative Inquiry in the Teaching of Writing Theory and Practice at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln--Joy Ritchie; Collaborative Inquiry in an Early Childhood Education Course at the University of Wyoming--Jane Nelson; A Collaborative, Comparative Study of Student Learning in Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison--John Wright; 8. Departmental Occasions for Collaboration; The Pedagogical Colloquium Focusing on Teaching in the Hiring Process in the Stanford University History Department--Richard Roberts; A Professional Development Program for Graduate Students Fostering Collaboration in the Writing Program at Northern Arizona University--Geoffrey Chase; The Departmental Teaching Library A Mathematics Course File at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte--Charles Burnap; 9. Intercampus Collaboration and external Review of Teaching External Peer Review of Teaching A New Effort in the Chemistry Department at IUPUI--David Malik; Piloting Long Distance Interviews With Students as a Potential Component of the External Peer Review of Teaching--Jere Morehead; Conclusion. From Peer Collaboration to Peer Review; About the AAHE Teaching Initiative; About the AAHE’s Peer Review of Teaching Project.


    Pat Hutchings