1st Edition

Mammalian Development

Edited By

Peter Lonai

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ISBN 9783718659203
Published September 1, 1996 by CRC Press
387 Pages

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Book Description

A collection of essays on the developmental biology of mammals. The classical approach to embryology, combined with the powerful recombinant DNA technologies, have created in developmental biology one of the most active areas of biological research. It not only aids understanding of how the body and the brain are formed, but also furthers knowledge in fields with direct clinical importance such as gene regulation, cancer, regeneration, wound healing, bone, kidney and muscle development.

Table of Contents

Organization of the body plan: cell fate and gene activity during gastrulation of the mouse embryo; the role Brachyury in the axial development and evolution of vertebrates; homeobox gene in the developing vertebrate brain; multi-function role of the Krox-20 regulatory gene: from specification of positional information to cell differentiation; the formation and maturation skeletal muscle during mammalian development; In Vitro and In Vivo approaches to the molecular analysis of mouse haematopoiesis; molecular control of growth and pattern formation in the developing vertebrate limb; mammalian limb development: a genetic perspective; the midbrain-hindbrain junction: a model system for brain regionalization through morphogenetic neuropithelial interactions; control of the floor plate identity and function in the embryonic spinal cord; functional analysis of the FGF system; the family of VEGF tyrosine kinase receptors; targeted expression of dominant negative FGF receptors in transgenic mice: a novel approach to study growth factor function In Vivo; insights from human diseases - WTI and PAX-6 as paradigms; biochemical and cellular aspects of wound repair; gene trapping strategies: screens for developmentally regulated genes insertional mutagenesis. (Part contents).

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Peter Lonai