1st Edition

Man and Society in an Age of Reconstruction

By Karl Mannheim Copyright 1940
    488 Pages
    by Routledge

    494 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1980. This is Volume II of Mannheim's collected works, translated by Edward Shils and includes recent developments in the author's thinking since 1935 when it was originally written.

    The Significance of the Age of Social Reconstruction; Chapter 1 The Crisis of Liberalism and Democracy as Seen from the Continental and Anglo-Saxon Points of View; Chapter 2 The Clash of the Principles of Laissez-Faire and Planless Regulation as the Main Cause of Maladjustment in Modern Society; Chapter 3 The Need for a Psychology which would be Socially and Historically Relevant; Chapter 4 Limitations and Shortcomings of the Present Book; Part 1 Rational and Irrational Elements in Contemporary Society; Chapter 5 The Problems of Enlightenment; Chapter 6 The Three Points of DePart ure of this Study; Chapter 7 The Principle of Fundamental Democratization; Chapter 8 The Principle of Increasing Interdependence; Chapter 9 Clarification of the Various Meanings of the Word “Rationality”; Chapter 10 Functional Rationalization by No Means Increases Substantial Rationality; Chapter 11 Can the Social Causes of Irrationality in Social Life be Traced?; Chapter 12 Can the Social Causes of the Rational and Irrational Elements in Morality be Traced?; Chapter 13 Irrational Tendencies in Morality; Part 2 Social Causes of the Contemporary Crisis in Culture; Chapter 14 Obstacles to the Discovery of the Rôle of Social Factors in Intellectual Life; Chapter 15 Two Ways of Analysing the Impact of Society on Culture; Chapter 16 First Process; Chapter 17 Second Process; Chapter 18 Third Process; Chapter 19 Fourth Process; Chapter 20 The Formation of the Public in Liberal Mass Society; Chapter 21 The Place of the Intelligentsia in Society; Chapter 22 The Problem of Intellectual Life in Mass Society; Chapter 23 Some Problems Arising Out of Regulation of Cultural Life, Part icularly in a Dictatorship; Part 3 Crisis, Dictatorship, War; Chapter 24 Correlation between the Disorganization of Society and the Disorganization of Personality; Chapter 25 Some of the Axiomatic Beliefs Concerning Human Nature; Chapter 26 Different Forms of Insecurity and their Impact Upon Behaviour. Disintegration in Anim


    Karl Mannheim