1st Edition

Management and Technology in Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality

Edited By Ford Lumban Gaol, Wyne Mars, Hoga Saragih Copyright 2014

    Management and Technology in Knowledge, Service, Tourism and Hospitality contains papers covering a wide range of topics in the fields of knowledge and service management, web intelligence, tourism and hospitality. This overview of current state of affairs and anticipated developments will be of interest to researchers, entrepreneurs and students alike.

    Business system

    Outsourcing system development risks: A survey
    J.H. Yahaya, N.F. Hamzah &A. Deraman
    Internet security risks: Are youths aware of them?
    Z.H. Bibi, A.B. Bujang & A. Johari
    Applications of green technology for sustainable public bus services
    M. Alias, A. Masek, S. Salam, N. Bakar & R.M. Nawawi
    A case study of quality evaluation from consumers’ perspectives on Malaysian B2C e-commerce websites
    A.A.Wahab, F. Ahmad, F. Baharom & J. Yahaya
    The governmental support in improving the ability of ICT small entrepreneurs to utilize market opportunities
    W. Dhewanto, C.H.E. Rachmawati, S. Herliana, Q. Aina, R. Chaerudin, R.D.C. Lantu & H. Bayuningrat
    An Islamic perspective on CSR-workplace-employee practice in Islamic banks
    H. Yusoff, F. Darus, D.M.A. Naim, H. Fauzi &Y. Purwanto
    CSR in the workplace: Exploring the practice of Takaful organizations
    F. Darus & H. Yusoff
    Innovation and quality service factors to customer loyalty in Indonesia telecommunication company by using structural equation modeling method
    M. Dachyar & L. Hananto
    Designing instruction for Knowledge Management processes using a wiki
    D. DeWitt, N. Alias, S. Siraj & F. Hutagalung
    Mobile educational apps for children: Towards development of i-CARES framework
    F.D. Yusop & R.A. Razak
    Designing framework of electronic Continued Professional Development for teachers (e-CPD)
    R.A. Razak & F.D. Yusop
    Integrating employability skills in school curriculum
    G.E. Hadad, Z. Naimieb, S.H. Halili, R.A. Abuzaid & S. Siraj
    Recent inroads into decision-making theories
    C.V. Madhavi & A. Shukla
    Computer-assisted learning program of Arabic language for non-native speakers
    A. Al-Bazeli, Z. Naimie, S. Siraj, R.A. Abuzaid & S.H. Halili

    Service sciences

    Customer satisfaction in selected Western restaurants in Malaysia: A case study
    N. Arumugam, S. Subramaniam, X. Thayalan & K. Kaur
    The influence of knowledge sharing on innovation: A study of Jordanian four and five stars hotels
    S.J.B. Melhem & N. Mat
    Contributing factors of Halal warehouse adoption
    A.H. Ngah, Y. Zainuddin & R. Thurasamy
    Motivation and working behaviour in frontier tourism business of Thailand-Laos
    T. Maneenetr
    A comparative study of customers’ satisfaction between dental and medical services in University Putra Malaysia Health Centre
    A. Kamarul, F. Hutagalung & W.P. dan Sh. Ezat
    Ascertaining white teachers’ understanding of issues relating to multicultural education in school settings of the Northern Cape
    G. Alexander
    The relationship between academic self-concept, parenting styles and academic achievement of remove class students
    U. Shanmugam & F. Hutagalung
    Heat concept learning and teachers’ intervention in science among year five students
    K. Sathiah, M.Z. Ganesan & F. Hutagalung
    LINUS assessment accordance with the cognitive level among year 1 students in a School Klang District
    Y.S.Wei & F. Hutagalung
    Perceived value of bargain shopping among youth excursionist
    I.R.A. Razak, N. Aminudin, N.H.M.Wasilan & S. Tarmudi
    The teaching of critical and creative thinking skills in the English Language classroom in Malaysia
    T.G. Thuraisingam, S. Siraj, Z. Naimie, R.A. Abuzaid & S.H. Halili


    Ford Lumban Gaol, Wyne Mars, Hoga Saragih