1st Edition

Management of International Networks Cost-Effective Strategies for the New Telecom Regulations and Services

By Floris van den Broek Copyright 2000
    208 Pages
    by CRC Press

    198 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Effective management of a communications network can be a difficult and costly activity, and even more so when the network crosses international borders. International network managers face a number of issues that are crucial to strategic decision-making, including the varying telecommunications regulations, operators, and services found within-as well as between-different countries.
    Focusing on these issues, Management of International Networks clears the way for network managers to make informed, strategic decisions. The author describes each of these issues in detail and develops models-illustrated by actual case studies-that allow a quantified analysis of each. With the ability to quantitatively assess these factors, managers can forecast the potential of cost-effectively managing a network within a given country and make decisions, such as:

  • Where to place hubs for traffic in an international network
  • In what country to expand the network
  • What services to obtain from which operator to ensure a cost-effective network
    The strong increase in demand for international network services combined with the rapid changes in the telecommunications environment in many countries necessitate a closer examination of international networks and the development of new models and tools that will facilitate management decisions. Management of International Networks fulfills this demand. Network managers, planners, and operators along with consultants, telecommunications lawyers-virtually anyone working with international networks-will find this book an invaluable tool and guide to this dynamic, evolving arena.
  • Management of International Networks. Theoretical Development. Regulatory Environment. Telecommunications Services Offering. Cost-Effective Management. Explorative Case. The Cost-Effective Management Model. Description of the Test Cases. Results of the Statisticall Analysis of the Cases. Conclusions,Practical Recommendations,Cost-Effective Strategies,and Future Steps.

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    van den Broek, Floris