10th Edition

Managing Cultural Differences Global Leadership for the 21st Century

    662 Pages 14 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    662 Pages 14 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In today’s global business environment, it is vital that individuals and organizations have sophisticated global leadership skills. Communication and understanding of different cultures is paramount to business success.

    This new edition of the bestselling textbook, Managing Cultural Differences, guides students and practitioners to an understanding of how to do business internationally, providing practical advice on how competitive advantage can be gained through effective cross-cultural management. Crises in the Middle East, the weakening of some emerging markets, and the value of diversity and inclusion are just a few examples of contemporary issues discussed in this text, which also introduces a completely new chapter on global business ethics.

    With a wealth of new examples, case studies, and online materials, this textbook is required course reading for undergraduates, postgraduates, and MBA students alike, as well as being a vital tool for anybody selling, purchasing, traveling, or working internationally.

    1. Managing Cultural Differences in a Changing Global World

    2. Global Leaders and Communicating Across Cultures

    3. Global Negotiating Skills

    4. Women Leaders in Global Business

    5. Motivating the Global Workforce: The Case for Diversity and Inclusion

    6. Global Leadership in Emerging Markets

    7. Comparative and International Strategy in a Global Business Environment

    8. Global Teams

    9. Global Business Ethics

    10. Managing Global Transitions

    11. Doing Business in the Middle East

    12. Doing Business in Latin America

    13. Doing Business in East Asia

    14. Doing Business in South and Southeast Asia and Australia

    15. Doing Business in Europe

    16. Doing Business in Africa

    17. Doing Business in North America


    Neil Remington Abramson is a professor of International Strategy (ret.) at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

    Robert T. Moran is Professor Emeritus of International Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA.

    Praise for the Tenth Edition:

    "The newest edition of Managing Cultural Differences is outstanding. It outlines important skill sets and excellent international background for today’s global managers and leaders. I highly recommend it to CEOs and their management teams." – Harry Owens Jr. MD MIM CPE, Private Consultant, International Health Programs/Projects, USA

    "With increasingly globalized markets, our workplaces today are much more diverse and complex. The tenth edition of Managing Cultural Differences is a must-read for people looking to become effective managers and deal makers, and to master the delicate aspects of international business." – Lucy Li, National Director of Client Segment Strategy, Business Financial Services, Royal Bank of Canada

    "A timely new edition that is thought provoking and superbly easy to delve into. This is a fuss free read that skilfully marries key globalization, leadership and inter-cultural ideas and concepts with great illustrations from social and business practice. The addition of two new chapters on the topical themes of leadership in an increasingly challenging global world as well as global business ethics is to be welcomed and a richly informative addition from a reader's perspective, be they international business studies students or global leadership practitioners." – Randhir Auluck, Associate Head of School, School of Marketing and Management, Coventry University, UK

    "In a world growing ever closer, the need for cultural translation to enable increased functionality is more important than ever. This book is a new tool for the business toolbox, which offers not just a path forward, but actionable examples that can be used today." – Harold S. Back, President, Core Financial Corporation, USA

    "A key message of Managing Cultural Differences by Professors Moran and Abrahamson is that ‘societal culture counts’. The book does a masterful job of not only showing the influence of societal culture on organizational practices, it provides a learning opportunity for understanding the behaviours of managers across cultures. The two new chapters in 10th edition on behaviours and ethics are welcome and necessary additions." – Dr. Ali Dastmalchian, Dean, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Canada

    "This new edition continues to generate enhanced understanding of cultural differences in a business context, and offers tools for managing effectively. I highly recommend it to students of International Business." – Hemant Merchant PhD, Professor of Global Business, University of South Florida St. Petersburg, USA

    Praise for previous editions:

    "rich with new stories, examples and suggestions…contains required information for anyone interacting in a culture other than their own." – Warren Wilhelm, DBA Harvard Business School, President, Global Business Alliance

    "this book will continue to be my guide for working with European and global clients" – Karen Green, Organizational Development Consultantm Karity HR Solutions, UK

    " a must read for managers and leaders working cross-culturally" – Jeffrey Kolanchick, Leadership Development Advisor, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

    "…a terrific springboard for understanding the complexities, challenges and rewarding of running global operations.." – J.T. Battenberg, III Chairman of the Board/CEO Delphi Automotive Systems

    "…merits the classification as the Gold Standard of cross-cultural textbooks." – Richard D. Mahoney, Ph.D. Thunderbird School of Global Management

    "…one of the best organized books on the subject." –  The HRD Review

    "…a rich, almost encyclopedic array of advice, case studies and examples…an excellent book…" – Academy of Management Review