Managing Hazardous Air Pollutants: State of the Art, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Managing Hazardous Air Pollutants

State of the Art, 1st Edition

By Winston Chow, Katherine Connor

CRC Press

608 pages

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pub: 1993-09-15
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Managing Hazardous Air Pollutants presents a detailed examination of the state-of-the-art in the management of air pollutants ("air toxics"). This important new volume focuses on the latest research, regulatory perspectives, modeling, environmental and human risk assessments, new control strategies, monitoring programs, risk communication, and risk management. Key chapters in the book are devoted to these timely subjects:

Table of Contents

General Session: Conference on Managing Hazardous Air Pollutants: Keynote Address (S. Peck). National Trends in Air Toxics Policy (M. Shapiro). The California Experience in Toxic Air Pollutant Control (J.S. Lagarias, C.B. Suer, P.D. Venturini, and D.J. Ames). Implications of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments for the Utility Industry (L.B. Zeugin). Control of Hazardous Air Pollutants in OECD Countries: Comparative Policy Analysis (P. Wiederkehr). The Impact of Recent Legislation on the U.K. Generation Industry (H.E. Evans and W.S. Kyte). Air Toxics: The Research Challenge of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (F.T. Princiotta and D.G. McKinney). Emissions Sources: An Overview of CARB-Adopted Source Test Methods for Toxic Compounds and Results of Testing Natural Gas-Fired Utility Boilers (D.F. Todd and W.V. Loscutoff). Trace Element of Commercial Coals (E.L. Obermiller, V.B. Conrad, and J. Lengyel). Assessment of Air Pollutants from Coal Utilization Plant (P. Sage and R.J. Gemmill). Low Level Emission of Hazardous Organic Pollutants from Coal-Fired Power Plants-Fact or Artifact? (K.E. Curtis, N. Krishnamurthy, and S.J. Thorndyke). Comprehensive Assessment of Toxic Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants (T.D. Brown, C.E. Schmidt, and A. Radziwon). Determination of the Level of Hazardous Air Pollutants and Other Trace Constituents in the Syngas from the Shell Coal Gasification Process (D.C. Baker, W.V. Bush, and K.R. Loos). Air Toxics Monitoring Issues (R.M. Mann, A.G. Eklund, C.M. Thompson, W. Chow, and B. Nott). Mercury Speciation in Flue Gases: Overcoming the Analytical Difficulties (N.S. Bloom). Atmospheric Chemistry, Measurements, and Models: Ambient Air Monitoring for Mercury around an Industrial Complex (R.R. Turner and M.A. Bogle). Sources and Chemistry of Chlorides in the Troposphere: A Review (P. Saxena, P.K. Mueller, and L.M. Hildemann). Ambient Air Toxics Data from California's Toxic Air Contaminant Monitoring Program (W.V. Loscutoff and M.W. Poore). Comparison of Chemical Composition of Fly Ash Particles Collected in the Plume and Stack of a Coal-Fired Power Plant (G. Sverdrup, J.C. Chuang, L. Slivon, A.R. McFarland, J.A. Cooper, R.W. Garber, and B.S. Smith). Health and Environmental Information and Models: An A Priori Screening Methodology to Identify Air Toxics of Potential Ecological Concern: A Methodology for Quantitative Risk Assessment (G.E. Taylor, Jr.). Complex Ecological Assessment Influence of Pulp Mills and Power Plants Emissions on the Environment (A.M. Beim, E.I. Grosheva, and B.K. Pavlov). Neurotoxic Risks of Methylmercury (B. Weiss). Evidence for the Carcinogenicity of Nickel (L.S. Goldstein). Carcinogenic Risks of Arsenic in Fly Ash (R.E. Wyzga and J.E. Yager). Toxic Constituents of Coal Fly Ash (J.B. Hicks). Models for Risk Assessment, Management, and Design: Partitioning of Organic Pollutants in the Environment (Y. Cohen). Effects of Deposition Velocities on Predicted Health Risks (R.G. Vranka and G.E. Watkin). Improvements to the EPA's Human Exposure Model (W. Peters). Summary of Case Studies Using EPRI's Air Toxics Risk Analysis Framework: Results and Research Needs (L. Levin, K.K. Connor, D. Room, and L. Gratt). Characterization Uncertainty in the Risk Assessment Process (M. Alberts and F.O. Weyman). A Probabilistic Emissions Model for Managing Hazardous Air Pollutants (E.S. Rubin and M.B. Berkenpas). Multimedia Health Risk Assessment for Power Plant Air Toxic Emissions (E. Constantinou and C. Seigneur). Control Strategies and Applicable Technologies: The Behavior of Trace Elements during Coal Combustion and Gasification: An Overview (L.B. Clarke). Controlling Trace Species in the Utility Industry (F.B. Meserole and W. Chow). Control of Air Toxic Material by Novel Plasma Chemical Process-PPCP and SPCP (S. Masuda). Suppression of PCDD/PCDF Formation in MSW Incinerator Flue Gas at Temperatures b elow 800°F by Ammonia Injection (L. Takacs, W. Gleason, A. McQueen, and G.L. Moilanen). Enhanced Fine Particulate Control for Reduced Air-Toxic Emissions (D.L. Laudal, S.J. Miller, and R. Chang). Retention of Condensed/Solid Phase Trace Elements in an Electrostatic Precipitator (P.R. Tumati and M.S. DeVito). Poster Session: The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990: Hazardous Air Pollutant Requirements and the DOE Clean Coal Technology Program (P.D. Moskowitz, M. DePhillips, V.M. Fthenakis, and A. Hemenway). In-Plume Measurement of Fugitive and Point Source Emissions Using Airborne Instrumentation (K.C. Lionarons). An Integrated Approach for Ambient Air Toxics Impact Analysis at Industrial Complexes (R. Wells, T. Palma, and S. Osborne). Removal of Pyrite from Coal b efore Combustion (J.D. Bignell). The PISCES Database: Structure and Uses (R.G. Wetherold, D.A. Orr, K.J. Williams, and W. Chow). Coal Cleaning: A Trace Element Control Option (D.J. Akers). Rain Scavenging of Toxic Air Pollutants: The Rain Scavenging Ratio and Research Needs (W. Tsai and Y. Cohen). Determining Emissions and Assessing Risks: A Case Study of Large Industrial Facilities (W.R. Oliver, M.T. Alberts, and R.J. Dickson). Clean Power from Coal: The British Coal Topping Cycle (M.St.J. Arnold, A.J. Minchener, and S.G. Dawes). Pilot-Scale Evaluation of Sorbent Injection to Remove SO3 and HC1, (J.R. Peterson, G.. Maller, A. Burnette, and R.G. Rhudy). Multipathway Risk Assessment at a Maryland Utility (K.L. Zankel, R.P. Brower, J. Gerritsen, and S.A. Campbell). Conference Synthesis: Summary of the Conference on Managing Hazardous Air Pollutants (M. Miller). Index.

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