1st Edition

Managing Tourism in a Changing World Issues and Cases

    Managing Tourism in a Changing World provides an overview of state-of-the-art research surrounding today’s tourism management. Recognising the relevance of tourism activities as major economic drivers, this book offers a significant contribution to the advancement of managerial practice in the tourism field. It is the outcome of the collective intellectual efforts of a number of scholars, with dissimilar geographical roots and backgrounds, who cultivate original research on tourism management from a variety of perspectives (economic, managerial) and using multiple methods (theory building, experimental and inductive case-based inquiries).

    While drawing on multiple theoretical perspectives and adopting different epistemological paradigms and methodologies, this book answers a wide range of research questions related to a number of relevant themes in the following fields: destination management, marketing and branding, inter-organizational dynamics and corporate social responsibility in the tourism sector.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of Anatolia.

    1. Managing tourism in a changing world: Issues and cases Rodolfo Baggio (Bocconi University), Wojciech Czakon (Katowice University of Economics), Marcello M. Mariani (University of Bologna)

    2. Accommodation industry or accommodation industries? Evidence from the analysis of production processes Cristina Bernini & Andrea Guizzardi (BOLOGNA UNIVERSITY - ITALY)

    3. Tourism flows from the Russian Federation to the European Union Kirill Furmanov, Olga Balaeva & Marina Predvoditeleva (HIGHER SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS – MOSCOW, RUSSIA)

    4. Importance–performance analysis as a diagnostic tool for urban destination managers Tony Griffin & Deborah Edwards (SYDNEY UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - AUSTRALIA)

    5. The importance of diverse stakeholders in place branding: The case of "I feel Slovenia" Maja Konecnik Ruzzier & Nusa Petek (UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA – SLOVENIA)

    6. Unpacking the temporal dimension of coopetition in tourism destinations: evidence from Finnish and Italian theme parks Mika Kylanen (LAPLAND UNIVERSITY - FINLAND) & Marcello M. Mariani (BOLOGNA UNIVERSITY - ITALY)

    7. Ranking assessment systems for responsible tourism products and corporate social responsibility practices Mara Manente, Valeria Minghetti & Erica Mingotto (UNIVERSITY OF VENICE - ITALY)

    8. Knowledge transfer among clustered firms: a study of Brazil Ariani Raquel Neckel Prux Stacke, Valmir Emil Hoffmann & Helena Araujo Costa (CENTRO UNIVERSITÁRIO PARA O DESENVOLVIMENTO DO ALTO VALE DO ITAJAÍ - BRAZIL

    9. Business format franchise in regional tourism development Wojciech Czakon (KATOWICE UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS – POLAND)


    Rodolfo Baggio has a degree in Physics and a PhD in tourism management. He has worked for leading information technology firms for over twenty years and presently is a Professor at Bocconi University, Milan, where he coordinates the Information and Communication Technologies area at the Master in Economics and Tourism.

    Wojciech Czakon is Professor at the Faculty of Management of the University of Economics in Katowice, where he obtained his PhD in 2002. His research focuses on interorganizational relationships including social capital, networks and coopetition strategies. He is board member of the European Academy of Management, co-chair of the EURAM Doctoral Colloquium and member of the Management and Organization Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

    Marcello M. Mariani holds a PhD in Business Administration and is currently Professor of Management and Marketing at the University of Bologna where he is also the Director of the Master in Business Tourism and Destination Management, ALMA Graduate School. He is a Visiting Professor at the Stern School of Business and Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management, New York University.