1st Edition

Managing the British Economy A guide to economic planning in Britain since 1962

By Richard Bailey Copyright 1968

    First published in 1968 Managing the British Economy attempts to trace the development of what has passed for economic planning in Britain in the 1960’s and, at the same time, to observe the activities of those engaged in the operation and the effect of their actions on business and industry. In writing this book, the author has had in mind the difficulties of businessmen in keeping track of ‘who does what’ in the Economy. Experience in industry and in the field of management education has shown him that managers often have difficulties in placing their own operations in the national context and he attempts here to help the reader understand how the system works in practice. How do the new arrangements tie in with the old? How does any government influence the running of the economy? What kind of system are we moving towards?

    This is a must read for scholars and researchers of British economy and economic history of Britain.

    Preface Introduction 1. The Management of the Economy 2. The Machinery of Planning—N.E.D.C. to D.E.A. 3. The N.E.D.C. Growth Programme 4. Government Organisations and Industry 5. The National Plan 6. Regional Planning’s New Look 7. Changing the Structure of the Economy 8. The Prices and Incomes Policy 9. Planning and Industry 10. Those Corridors of Power Appendices Index


    Richard Bailey