1st Edition

Managing the Twenty-First Century Reference Department
Challenges and Prospects

ISBN 9780789023322
Published March 3, 2004 by Routledge
136 Pages

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Book Description

Learn the skills needed to update and manage a reference department that efficiently meets the needs of clients today—and tomorrow!

Managing the Twenty-First Century Reference Department: Challenges and Prospects provides librarians with the knowledge and skills they need to manage an effective reference service. Full of useful and practical ideas, this book presents successful methods for recruiting and retaining capable reference department staff and management, training new employees and adapting current services to an evolving field. Expert practitioners address the changing role of the reference library worker and how longstanding traditions and practices can be re-evaluated and re-applied. The information in this book is ideal for librarians and students of library studies looking to take their skills to the next level.

Reference departments continue to evolve as the number of applicants qualified to run them declines. Managing the Twenty-First Century Reference Department: Challenges and Prospects explores the dynamics of leadership and management as well as a variety of other characteristics needed in a Head of Reference. It recognizes the increasing need for visionary leaders who can deal with shrinking budgets, soaring costs, expensive electronic resources, and high user expectations and provides you with practical advice on finding, training, and keeping these individuals.

In addition to the training and recruitment techniques documented in this book, you will find extensive information on:

  • setting and achieving goals
  • creating and maintaining a positive work environment
  • how to deliver quality services
  • how to improve job satisfaction for library staff
  • problem solving strategies
  • the importance of communication
  • making your reference department task- and employee-centered
Managing the Twenty-First Century Reference Department: Challenges and Prospects also provides an inside look at Oregon State University’s Valley Library’s new management model. The library’s information professionals detail this new model’s current function, potential hazards, and multiple advantages. The user-friendly information documented in this chapter and in the book as a whole makes Managing the Twenty-First Century Reference Department: Challenges and Prospects an essential read for any librarian or student of library studies looking to meet the demands of an increasingly technical field.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Managing an Academic Reference Department
  • From Core Competencies to Desired Traits: Hiring a Head of Reference for the New Millennium
  • Managing the 21st Century Reference Department: Competencies
  • Training the New Head of Reference: Focusing on the Supervising Relationship as Technique
  • Collaborative Leadership: A Model for Reference Services
  • It Takes a Village to Manage the 21st Century Reference Department
  • The 21st Century Reference Department: Working to Provide Quality Service to Users
  • Leadership or Management: Expectations for Head of Reference Services
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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