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Manual on Deformation Controlled Densified Stone (DDS) Columns

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ISBN 9780415422932
Published May 17, 2007 by CRC Press
748 Pages

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Book Description

Combining principles of Newtonian mechanics and Terzaghian soil mechanics with principles of earth sciences, thermodynamics, physical sciences and wave mechanics, the author and his team have devised a road map for a logical approach to soil as particulate matter in modern geotechnical engineering. This manual explains the analysis and design aspects of a range of DDS columns and discusses the resolution of foundation problems in so-called treacherous expansive soil deposits by the development of cohesive non-swelling soil technology. This manual will assist consulting engineers in designing DDS systems, enabling contractors to provide competitive bidding and aid in teaching the subject with greater clarity.

Table of Contents




1. Introduction

2. Computation of length, L and load capacity

3. Procedure for design of deformation controlled densified stone columns (DDS) in weak deep seated granular media

4. Estimation of deformation under a loaded area on a granular media

5. Theoretical aspects based on right circular cone phenomenological concept properties of granular material of different sizes and their application to situations where controlled deformations are envisaged

5A-1. Stress Distribution

5A-2. Deformation properties of a granular column under Newtonian Gravitational field

5A-3. Deformation behaviour of stone column under different conditions of side surcharge

5A-4. Monograph on particulate approach to analysis of stone columns with and without geosynthetic encasing

5A-5. Effective depth of vertical drain performance in soft marine clay deposits

5A-6. Vertical sand/granular drains for soil improvement

5A-7. Load - settlement behaviour of a prestressed granular foundation under cyclic loading

5A-8. Stress deformation and strength characteristics of granular material

5A-9. Studies of shear strength properties of large size granular material with and without

5A-10. Design and construction of a graded rockfill embankment to support a rigid

pavement for an express highway - a case history

5A-11. An over view on reinforced granular soil technology for design and construction of approach embankments for fly - overs

5A-12. Deformation based bearing capacity of granular media accounting for gravity effect

5A-13. Factors influencing vertical reinforcement for the construction of a soil reinforced retaining structure for deep excavations in granular media

5A-14. A bird’s eye view of emerging area of modern geotechnical engineering

5A-15. Prefabricated D.D.S. columns with external geogrid reinforcement (encasement) for construction in soft marine deposits and Foundation System in silty sand deposits.

5A-16. Settlement of layered granular media under stress due to large diameter ring

foundation based on allowable bearing capacity charts and effective depth of settlement



About the Authors

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Professor Ramanath Keshavarao Katti is Professor Emeritus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and honorary fellow of the Indian Geotechnical Society. He received his PhD in soil engineering and his master's degree in highway engineering from Iowa State University, USA. Professor Katti has published extensively, both journal papers and book publications. At present he is Director and Consultant to UNEECS Pvt. Ltd. and Advisor to Simplex Concrete Piles (I) Ltd.

Professor Dinesh Ramanath Katti is Associate Dean of Research at the College of Engineering and Architecture, chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering at North Dokota State University, USA. He received his doctorate degree in geotechnical engineering/geomechanics from the University of Arizona, USA.

Dr. Ananad Ramanath Katti is professor of Civil Engineering, Principal of Datta Meghe College of Engineering and Technical Director of Airoli Advanced Computer Center Pvt. Ltd. He received his PhD degree in soil mechanics and foundation engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.

Prashant J. Navalakha obtained his master's degree in geotechnical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. He is presently working with Simplex Concrete Piles (I) Ltd.

Zeeshan Shaikh is presently working as Geotechnical Engineer at Simplex Concrete Piles (I) Ltd. He received his master's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India.