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Manufacturing Engineering and Intelligent Materials
Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Intelligent Materials (ICMEIM 2015), Guangzhou, China, 30-31 January 2015

ISBN 9781138028326
Published July 20, 2015 by CRC Press
382 Pages

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Book Description

This volume is a collection of papers from experts and scholars presented at the 2015 International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Intelligent Materials (ICMEIM 2015), Guangzhou, January 30-31, 2015. It serves to discuss and share the latest new research results and developments on the topics manufacturing system and control engineering, materials engineering and other relativant subjects. It will also strengthen the exchange and cooperation in the field of Manufacturing Engineering and Intelligent Materials.

Table of Contents

Organizing committee
Experimental investigation into the pulsating degree of in-line pulse CVT 1
K.C. Liu & Z.X. Zheng
A study of migration patterns of hot spots formed in the wet-disc brake 7
T.H. Luo, Y.L. Wang, X.J. Zheng, B. Li & S.J. Dong
Research of hydraulic buffer system on speed in overloading manipulator 13
T.H. Luo & X.Y. Ma
Quantum mechanical calculations on absorption of COCl2 by Aluminum-Nitride Nanotube 19
A.K. Babaheydari & Kh. Tavakoli
Research on control strategy of single-phase photovoltaic grid-connected inverter with LCL filter 25
Z.X. Zhou & S. Shi
Research on outrigger site dynamic response during missile launching stage 31
X.H. Zhou, D.W. Ma, J. Ren & X.L. Hu
A piezoelectric energy harvester based on magnetic coupling effect 41
J.N. Kan, S.Y. Wang, D.L. Liu & S.Z. Song
A magnetic-clamping Piezoelectric Energy Generator excited by rotating magnets 47
J.M. Kan, S.Y. Wang, F.S. Huang & S.Z. Song
Modeling and analysis on vice-frame structure of fuel-cell-vehicle 53
L. Shan & L. Jun
Research on equal-intensity design of gun shrink barrels 61
Y.Q. Zhang, G.G. Le, D.W. Ma, J.L. Zhong & G.T. Feng
Hysteresis characteristics modeling of the piezoelectric actuators 69
C. Qiang, J.Q. E, Y.W. Deng & H. Zhu
Static pressure pipe field tests and simulation analysis 75
C.W. Yan, Z.Q. Huang, X.C. Huang & H. Li
Energy losses and temperature distribution of giant magnetostrictive high power ultrasonic transducer 81
H.T. Zeng
Research on the characteristics and preparation of multi-component cementitious materials 87
B. Bian, J.H. Li, D. Guo & L.B. Bian
Rolling defects diagnosis method of Fuzzy Petri Nets 95
Y.Y. Zhao & Y. Wang
UV laser coaxial vision system based on wavelet transform 103
L.H. Chen, Y.Q. Zhou, S.Y. Zhao, H. Zhong & S.L. Shang
Research on paths of the in-situ urbanization and the evaluation of the sustainable development of You Yang County in Chongqing 109
Y.J. Cai
The vibration detection on slewing bearings of portal crane 115
X.P. Wang & C. Ye
Synthesis and electrical conductivities performance of SmBa0.5Sr0.5Co2−xNixO5+δ as cathode materials for IT-SOFC 121
S.X. Yuan, G.Y. Liu, G.Y. Lian, F. Fang, H.L. Chen, Y.K. Liu & X. Kong
Preparation and optical properties of porous alumina thin films 125
S.M. Yang, J.J. Gu & Y.K. Qi
Research on automatic production control transformation of gas generator 129
J. Liu
Research of the fault diagnosis expert system of a Ship’s Electric Propulsion System with an asynchronous motor 135
J.Y. Liu & H.P. Su
Calculation of induced voltage and current of double-circuit high-voltage line on the same tower lines based on EMTPE 202 kV and selection of grounding knife switches 141
J.Y. Liu, S.S. Lu & L.F. Li
Reed cellulose dissolves in ionic liquid [Amim]Cl/co-solvent system 147
F. Xie, J. Zhong & H. Liang
Experimental research on loading device of the magneto-rheological retarder 153
Y.D. An, W. Wang, X.J. Qi, Y. Bao & D.G. Lv
Detection of debonding defect in CFRP reinforced concrete using infrared thermal imaging 159
L.N. Liu
The architecture and implementation of a knowledge-based engineering design verification system 165
J. Lin, Y.M. Hou, J. Cheng & L.H. Ji
Structural and electrical properties of high C-orientation GaN Films on diamond substrates with ECR-PEMOCVD 183
D. Zhang, Y. Zhao, Z.H. Ju, Y.C. Li, G. Wang, B.S. Wang & J. Wang
A subset optimized based High Frequency direction finding cross location algorithm 187
X. Shen, W.L. Ji, R. Liu, D.Y. Liu & X.F. Zhang
An algorithm for solving multicast routing with delay and bandwidth constraints 193
C. Zhang & X.K. Chen
The experimental study of orthogonal flexible automatic grinding for the small diameter blind hole based on turn-mill machine tool 199
Z.X. Li, X. Jin, Z.J. Zhang & W.W. Lv
Transient-micro thermal EHL analysis of power law water-based ferrofluid bearing 207
F. Ren, X.J. Shi & Y.Q. Wang
Study on bifurcation and chaos in nonlinear vibration isolation system 211
X.R. Dai, S. Huan, W.J. Tao & X.Q. Tan
Study on turning response characteristic of tracked vehicle based on hydro-mechanic differential 217
F.Y. Cao & Y.L. Lei
Effect of Cu doping on the structural and magnetic properties of Ni0.5−xZn0.5CuxFe2O4 soft magnetic ferrites 223
P. Zhou, C.X. Ouyang, Y.H. Fan, X.Y. Xu, J.H. Zhu, Y.Y. Gao & Y.X. Fan
Purification and characterization of an extracellular polysaccharide GS501 from Ensifer sp. 231
Z.H. Hu, Y.M. Li, Q. Li, Z.D. Lin, Q.S. Dong & W.W. Zhu
Design of hydraulic manifold block based on UG software 235
H.M. Zhang, J.B. Xie & X.H. Li
A new type of automatic induction parking lock 241
Z.R. Li, Y. Hou & X.B. Wang
Finite element analysis of rolling shearing process of medium plate based on upper blade geometric parameters 245
Y.G. Li, J.L. Nie & Y.R. Xu
Design of automatic door control system based on PLC for multimedia classroom 253
Q.L. Yang, W.G. Li, Y.C. Chen & L.L. Huang
Design of projection control system based on PLC for multimedia classroom 257
Q.L. Yang, W.G. Li, Y.C. Chen & L.L. Huang
Implementation of green and intelligent building based on information fusion technology: A new perspective 261
L.M. Ma
The implementation of Fast Fourier Transform based on FPGA 267
Y. Dai
The reactor temperature regulation of PWR nuclear power plant based on fuzzy theory 271
H.R. Li, X.H. Yang & H. Wang
Analysis on combined flanges heat-structure coupling sealing reliability 275
S.D. Wen & H.H. Wang
On the hole cleaning optimization of drilling engineering 279
H.C. Gu
On the experimental investigation of rock abrasiveness 283
S.L. Guo
Dynamic characteristics measurement of a torsion damper 291
R. Zeng, L. Chen & X.J. Ren
Fuzzy clonal optimization of ventilation system reliability in uranium mine 297
J.Y. Dai, J.Q. Cui, S.L. Zou & M. Wang
Efficient design approach for multimedia classroom control system applying PLC technique 303
Y.C. Chen, W.G. Li, Q.L. Yang & L.L. Huang
The application of active turbocharging control technology on range-extender of electric vehicle 307
D. Wang, D.C. Qian & C.X. Song
In-wheel-motor vehicle ABS control strategy based on regenerative braking torque adjustment 313
S.X. Song, W.C. Zhao & Q.N. Wang
Research on control strategy of In-wheel-motor vehicle electro-mechanical braking system 319
S.X. Song, S.Q. Fan & Q.N. Wang
Research of Traction Control System based on fuel and ignition control 325
D. Wang, S.Q. Fan & C.X. Song
Design and analysis of hydraulic cylinder fail-safety mechanism 333
M.H. Ho & P.N. Wang
Development of a hierarchical stability controller of 4WD electric vehicle with in-wheel motors 339
F. Xiao, C.X. Song & S.K. Li
Stability control of 4WD electric vehicle with in-wheel motors based on an advanced fuzzy controller 345
F. Xiao, C.X. Song & S.K. Li
A new-style local-scale reconfigurable precise turn-milling machine for microminiature 351
Z.X. Li, X. Jin, Z.J. Zhang & W.W. Lv
SBR for coal chemical wastewater treatment and bacteria ecological analysis 357
L. Wang, Y.J. Sun, S.D. Lu, X.H. Zhao & A.Z. Ding
Study on rare earth hydrogenation reaction thermodynamics by computer simulation 365
W.L. Luo, X.H. Zeng, A.D. Xie & T.Y. Yu
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Dr. Li LU is a Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of National University of Singapore. His research interests include ferroelectric, energy storage and nanostructural materials, and thin film deposition. He is Editor-in-Chief of Functional Materials Letters.

Prof.Dr. Nooh bin Abu Bakar’s research interests including manufacturing engineering, operations, quality and project management, technology and innovation management and other interests. He is one of the members of Board of Engineers Malaysia, society of Manufacturing Engineering and project Management Institute. He has published 30 journal papers and 1 bookchapter.