1st Edition

Maritime Technology and Engineering III Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering (MARTECH 2016, Lisbon, Portugal, 4-6 July 2016)

    1244 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Maritime Technology and Engineering 3 is a collection of papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering (MARTECH 2016, Lisbon, Portugal, 4-6 July 2016). The MARTECH Conferences series evolved from biannual national conferences in Portugal, thus reflecting the internationalization of the maritime sector.

    The keynote lectures and the papers, making up nearly 150 contributions, came from an international group of authors focused on different subjects in a variety of fields: Maritime Transportation, Energy Efficiency, Ships in Ports, Ship Hydrodynamics, Ship Structures, Ship Design, Ship Machinery, Shipyard Technology, afety & Reliability, Fisheries, Oil & Gas, Marine Environment, Renewable Energy and Coastal Structures.

    This book will appeal to academics, engineers and professionals interested or involved in these fields.

    VOLUME 1

    Keynote Lectures

    Comparative studies for subsea-to-shore production systems
    S.F. Estefen, M.I. Lourenço, J. Feng &Y.Wang

    European Ports: Facilitators or impediments of global supply chains?
    H. Haralambides

    Computational fluid and structure dynamics methods to assess wave-induced loads and hydroelasticity effects
    O. el Moctar & J. Ley

    Strategies on improving maritime transportation safety of theYangtze River
    X.P. Yan, J.F. Zhang, B.Wu, S.Q. Fan & D. Zhang

    Maritime transportation

    Waterway transport potential in the Amazon, case study: The crossing from Outeiro Island to Belém
    A.M. Borges, J.R.C. Cunha & H.B. Moraes

    LNG bunkering demand at Iberian Peninsula ports
    D. Díaz Gutiérrez, G. Polo Sánchez & F. de Manuel López

    Inland waterway ports characteristics relevant for classification methodology purpose
    O. Dinu, E. Rosca & F. Rusca

    Refrigerated cargo handling: Demand and requirements for Portuguese ports
    L. Filina-Dawidowicz, T.A. Santos & C. Guedes Soares

    Conceptual design of a Vessel Traffic System
    J. Hough & R.C. Botter

    Forecasting cargo throughput in Portuguese ports using causal methods
    A. Mainardi &T.A. Santos

    Green corridor to Brazil: Integrated logistics in maritime transportation
    D.A. Moura & R.C. Botter

    Capacity analysis of storage area in a maritime container terminal
    F. Rusca, M. Popa, E. Rosca, M.A. Rosca &A. Rusca

    Feasibility study of MOS in Brazil using roll-on/roll-off vessels between Manaus and São Paulo
    R. Santana Pelícia, M.A. Perdigão Peli, M. Galdi da Silva, R.C. Botter & N. Narciso Pereira

    Determining the size of ferry fleet: Fuzzy logic approach
    M. Škuri´c &V. Maraš

    Energy efficiency

    TOPSIS method implementation on slow steaming alternatives evaluation
    I. Dagkinis & N. Nikitakos

    Ship speed power performance under relative wind profiles
    L.P. Perera & B. Mo

    Machine intelligence for energy efficient ships: A big data solution
    L.P. Perera & B. Mo

    Sensitivity analysis of wind load estimation method based on elliptic Fourier descriptors
    J. Prpi´c-Orši´c & M.Valˇci´c

    Development of intelligent ship fuel consumption algorithms
    K. Ramesh, D. Konovessis, S.K. Thong & X. You

    Route planning of a fishing vessel in coastal waters with fuel consumption restraint
    R. Vettor, M. Tadros, M. Ventura & C. Guedes Soares

    Analysis of the sensitivity of a multi-objective genetic algorithm for route optimization to different settings
    R. Vettor & C. Guedes Soares

    Fuel saving-oriented 3D dynamic programming for weather routing applications
    R. Zaccone, M. Figari, M. Altosole & E. Ottaviani

    Ships in ports

    Empirical analysis of the implantation of an automatic mooring system in a commercial port. Application to the Port of Santander (Spain)
    E. Díaz, A. Ortega, C. Pérez, B. Blanco, L. Ruiz & J. Oria

    Non-linear control for the automatic berthing of waterjet catamaran
    V. Ferrari, S. Sutulo & C. Guedes Soares

    Analysis of the movements and operational limits of moored vessels in Outer and Inner ports of A Coruña (Spain)
    A. Figuero, E. Peña, J. Sande & F. Costa

    Numerical simulation of the motions and forces of a moored ship in Leixões harbour
    L. Pinheiro, C.J. Fortes, J.A. Santos & P. Rosa-Santos

    Ship hydrodynamics

    On the estimations of ship motions during maneuvering tasks in irregular seas
    M. Acanfora & J. Matusiak

    Estimation of hydrodynamic loads of an offshore supply vessel in uniform current
    M. Asghari, M. Sohrabi, M. Mohammadzadeh & C. Guedes Soares

    A hybrid RANSE – strip theory method for prediction of ship motions
    L. Bonfiglio, G. Vernengo, S. Brizzolara & D. Bruzzone

    Preliminary considerations on a unified model for hydrodynamic forces
    V. Ferrari & F.H.H.A. Quadvlieg

    Estimation of the maneuvering characteristics of the DTC containership using URANS based simulations
    N. Fournarakis, A. Papanikolaou, D. Chroni, S. Liu &T. Plessas

    Assessment of different methods for the prediction of marine propellers induced pressures
    S. Gaggero, G. Tani, D. Villa, M. Viviani, F. Conti & C. Vaccaro

    New generation of CLT® propellers
    J. González-Adalid, M. Pérez Sobrino, J.M. Riola Rodríguez, J.J. Díaz Hernández, L.M. González, A. Moran-Guerrero, R. Quereda Laviña & C. Soriano Gómez

    Non-parametric estimation of directional wave spectra using two hyperparameters
    M.A. Hinostroza & C. Guedes Soares

    Uncertainty on the bending moment transfer functions derived by a three-dimensional linear panel method
    H. Jafaryeganeh, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares

    Design and application of the contra-rotating propeller for VLCC on the structure part
    Y.T. Kim, S.I.Won, M.J. Ko, M.T. Jo & H.D. Cha

    Experimental investigation of roughness effect on the resistance of a flat plate
    E.D. Kiosidou, A.S. Venetis, D.E. Liarokapis, J.P. Trachanas, G.D. Tzabiras & D.I. Pantelis

    Motion response of round shape FLNG due to interaction with another floating structure
    J. Koto, C.L. Siow, C. Guedes Soares, H. Yasukawa, A. Matsuda, D. Terada & H. Abyn

    CFD assessment of Ropax hull resistance with various initial drafts and trim angles
    J. Labanti, H. Islam & C. Guedes Soares

    Study of ship-to-ship interaction in shallow water with account for squat phenomenon
    D.B.V. Lima, S. Sutulo & C. Guedes Soares

    Hull resistance modelling of flat autonomous underwater vehicle based on response surface method
    M.Wang, C. Guedes Soares & S. Yang

    Effect of wing geometrical parameters on the aerodynamic performance of wing in ground marine craft
    M. Mohamed & I. Amin

    Three-dimensional pressure distribution on planing hulls
    S. Pennino, H. Klymenko, A. Scamardella, S. Mancini & E. Begovic

    Uncertainty modelling in ship manoeuvring models
    P.P. Silva & C. Guedes Soares

    Analysis of manoeuvrability criteria and standards in view of environmental factors and EEDI impact
    S. Sutulo & C. Guedes Soares

    Ship resistance and flow field study of KVLCC2 hull
    S. Tarbiat & C. Guedes Soares

    Uncertainties related to the estimation of added resistance of a ship in waves
    N. Vitali, J. Prpi´c-Orši´c & C. Guedes Soares

    Hydroelastic vibration of bottom plating subjected to wave impact
    S.Wang & C. Guedes Soares

    Waypoint-following for a marine surface ship model based on vector field guidance law
    H.T. Xu & C. Guedes Soares

    Ship structures

    Experimental and numerical response and failure of laterally impacted composite circular plates
    F. Alizadeh, B. Liu & C. Guedes Soares

    Effect of vacuum bag pressure on the flexural properties of GFRP composite laminates
    F. Alizadeh, L.S. Sutherland & C. Guedes Soares

    On the influence of primary and secondary structural members on the global strength of ship structures
    R. Diewald, B. Gerlach & S. Ehlers

    Fatigue analysis and optimization of non-load-carrying fillet welded joints based on the effective notch stress approach
    Y. Dong, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Ultimate strength of lightweight asymmetric panels
    M. Elarbi, P.P. Silva & R.F. Martins

    Sensitivity analysis of the IACS-CSR buckling strength requirements for stiffened panels
    B. Gaspar, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares

    Application of polynomial chaos expansions in stochastic analysis of plate elements under lateral pressure
    B. Gaspar, C. Guedes Soares, E. Bahmyari & M. Reza Khedmati

    Reduction in welding induced residual stresses and distortions of butt welded plates subjected to heat treatments
    M. Hashemzadeh, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Equivalent design wave approach for fatigue assessment of ship shaped structures
    S.E. Heggelund, G. Storhaug, A. Gonçalves & H. Austefjord

    Effect of uncertainty in the geometry and material properties on the post-buckling behavior of a composite laminate
    N. Kharghani & C. Guedes Soares

    Plastic deformation and failure of thin steel plates subjected to spherical and cylindrical indenters
    B. Liu, A. Ottazzi & C. Guedes Soares

    Experimental and numerical analysis of a laterally impacted square steel plate
    K. Liu, B. Liu, C. Guedes Soares & Z.Wang

    Emergency repair of a single hull structure with locked cracks
    S. Saad-Eldeen, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Ultimate bending moment capacity of a single hull structure with large openings in side shell
    S. Saad-Eldeen, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    The behaviour of 5083-H111 naval aluminium alloy square plates under blast loading: Experimental and numerical approaches
    F.C. Salvado

    Residual ultimate strength of stiffened panels with pitting corrosion under compression
    X.H. Shi, X. Jiang, J. Zhang & C. Guedes Soares

    Coating breakdown assessment of steel plates in marine structures subjected to compressive load
    S. Sousa &Y. Garbatov

    Investigating T-joint strength parameters using statistical experimental design and analysis techniques
    L.S. Sutherland & C. Guedes Soares

    Static and buckling analysis of stiffened plates built in functionally graded materials
    M. Taczała, R. Buczkowski & M. Kleiber

    Structural design of an adaptable jacket offshore wind turbine support structure for deeper waters
    B. Yeter, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Ship design

    Implementation of second generation intact stability criteria into the stability calculation software
    A. Ariffin, J.M. Laurens & S. Mansor

    Exploitation of SWATH hull form concept for small working/pleasure craft
    E. Begovic, C. Bertorello, A. Bove & F. de Luca

    Optimization of ship’s bow form for the added resistance in waves
    V. Bolbot &A. Papanikolaou

    Quasi-steady determination of dynamic forces acting on tug during escort operations
    V. Bucci, A. Marino & F. Mauro

    A new concept design solution for pleasure sailing yachts
    V. Bucci, F. Mauro &A. Marino

    Operational profiles data analytics for ship design improvement
    A. Coraddu, T. Cleophas, K. Xepapa, L. Oneto & D. Anguita

    Human Centred Design of a mooring winch control station
    J.F. Gaspar, A.P. Teixeira, A.M.P. Santos, C. Guedes Soares, P. Golyshev & N. Kähler

    Parametric modelling for adaptive internal compartment design of container ships
    H. Jafaryeganeh, M. Ventura & C. Guedes Soares

    Improving ship design process to enhance ship recycling
    K.P. Jain, J.F.J. Pruyn, J.J. Hopman

    Second generation intact stability criteria for mega-yachts: Application and design considerations
    N. Petacco & P. Gualeni

    Yacht mast and rigging system software for design and analysis
    D. Soares de Melo &Y. Garbatov

    A numerical model for compartment assessment of offshore structures with cylindrical hulls
    E. Uzunoglu & C. Guedes Soares

    The application of human centered design in the design and day-to-day operation of a seagoing vessel
    N.P. Ventikos, P.I. Sotiralis & G.V. Lykos


    VOLUME 2

    Ship machinery

    Modelling the effect of variable valve timing on exhaust thermal management of a diesel engine
    H.Ü. Ba¸saran & O.A. Özsoysal

    Comparison of a natural gas engine with a diesel engine for marine propulsion
    G. Benvenuto, M. Laviola, R. Zaccone & U. Campora

    An overall comparison between natural gas spark ignition and compression ignition engines for a ro-pax propulsion plant
    U. Campora, M. Laviola & R. Zaccone

    On-board measurements of emissions from a ferry
    S.S. Kalender, M. Durmaz & S. Ergin

    The dynamic behavior of diesel engines on ships in adverse conditions
    S. Kouroutzis & K. Visser

    EfficientShip: A case study for the implementation of ORC technology onboard European fishing vessels
    E. Notti, F. Moro, A. Sala, A. Leroux, A. Roger, P. Smague, P. Leduc & N. Parke

    Assessment of the performance and the exhaust emissions of a marine diesel engine for different start angles of combustion
    M. Tadros, M. Ventura & C. Guedes Soares

    Numerical study of a marine dual-fuel four-stroke engine
    G. Theotokatos, S. Stoumpos, I. Lazakis & G. Livanos

    Shipyard technology

    Shipbuilding: From traditional naval construction to offshore wind
    L. Carral-Couce, L. Castro-Santos, C. Álvarez-Feal, M.J. Rodríguez-Guerreiro & J. de Troya Calatayud

    An exploration of the circumstances and changes in the shipbuilding industry in the last decades
    A. Graziano, A. Kataria, J.-U. Schröder-Hinrichs, A. Koimtzoglou, N.P. Ventikos & K. Zwirglmaier

    Flux-cored arc welding processes analysis of a shipyard
    P.I.D. Lameira, C.M. Benjamin, E.S.P. Loureiro, H.B. Moraes, N.M. Figueiredo &T.L. Porto

    Safety & reliability

    Review of statistical data on ship accidents
    B. Bužanˇci´c Primorac & J. Parunov

    Safety and security in the Portuguese extended continental shelf
    J.G. Chilão & J. Lúcio

    Sensitivity analysis on the optimum hull girder safety level of a Suezmax tanker
    J. Guia, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares

    Norwegian national ship risk model
    S. Haugen, P.G. Almklov, M. Nilsen & R.J. Bye

    Preliminary risk analysis on handling and storage of butyl acrylate operation
    P.I.D. Lameira, E.S.P. Loureiro, A. Momose, M.R. Martins & R.C. Botter

    Control charts limits flexibility based on the equipment conditions
    S. Lampreia, V. Vairinhos, V. Lobo, R. Parreira & J.G. Requeijo

    Opportunistic maintenance based on CUSUM control charts
    S. Lampreia, V. Vairinhos, V. Lobo, R. Parreira & J.G. Requeijo

    EEG-based human factors evaluation for maritime simulator-aided assessment
    Y. Liu, X. Hou, O. Sourina, D. Konovessis & G. Krishnan

    Safety barriers for risk management of fishing vessels off the coasts and in open seas of Turkey
    A. Mentes, M. Yetkin & H. Akyildiz

    Assessment and characterization of near ship collision scenarios off the coast of Portugal
    H. Rong, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares

    Assessment of the contributing factors of accidents in the Tietê-ParanáWaterway
    M.S. Saito, A. de A. Prado, G.P. Salvador & M.R. Martins

    Probabilistic modelling of evasive manoeuvring actions to avoid collisions
    P.A.M. Silveira, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares

    Fire risk assessment for ship compartments
    J. Sobral & C. Guedes Soares

    Analysis of maritime accidents in Turkish coastal waters
    M. Taylan

    Use of fuzzy inference approach to estimate maritime security level
    N.P. Ventikos, D.I. Stavrou & Z.L. Yang

    Efficiency evaluation of maritime emergency disposal based on revised Petri net and fuzzy evaluation
    T.Wang, X.P. Yan, Y.Wang & Q.Wu

    A data envelopment analysis based FMECA method for prioritization of maritime accidents failures inYangtze River
    B.Wu, X.P. Yan &Y.Wang

    Study on path planning strategies for search and rescue
    J.F. Zhang, A.P. Teixeira, C. Guedes Soares & X.P. Yan


    Developments in Estonian coastal perch fishery in the Baltic Sea during the recent two decades (1994–2015)
    L. Järv, T. Raid, M. Pärnoja &A. Soome

    Reducing fuel consumption in Portuguese coastal trawlers by using trawls with higher tenacity fibres
    J. Parente, P. Fonseca, V. Henriques &A. Campos

    Central Baltic herring stock: What does the assessment of combined stock say about the status of its components?
    T. Raid, L. Järv, J. Pönni, J. Raitaniemi & G. Kornilovs

    Perspectives of mariculture development in Polish Baltic coastal zone
    J. Sadowski &A. Tórz

    Baltic sprat fishery, stock assessment and prediction
    F. Svecovs, O. Ozernaja, M. Fettere, G. Strods &A. Vingovatova

    Oil & gas

    Design methodology for modifying a MODU into a FPU
    A. Martin Moe & M. Laranijnha

    A wind heeling moment curve for ship-shaped MODU early design stability considerations
    J. Mendonça Santos & C. Alves

    An offshore oil industry inventory routing problem with weather windows
    A.M.P. Santos & C. Guedes Soares

    A mixed integer formulation for the offshore rig scheduling problem
    L.M.R. Silva, A.M.P. Santos & C. Guedes Soares

    Study of the risk to export crude oil in pipeline systems
    L.M.R. Silva & C. Guedes Soares

    Marine environment

    A climatological analysis of storms in the North Atlantic
    M. Bernardino & C. Guedes Soares

    Hybrid model to forecast significant wave heights
    R.M. Campos & C. Guedes Soares

    Validation of an operational wave forecasting system for the North Atlantic area
    C. Guedes Soares, N. Salvação, M. Gonçalves & L. Rusu

    Bivariate distributions of significant wave height and peak period of sea states in deep and shallow waters offshore Portugal
    C. Lucas & C. Guedes Soares

    Influence of water depth on the characteristics of spectra at the entrance of major Portuguese ports
    C. Lucas, D. Silva & C. Guedes Soares

    Modelling average conditional exceedances of significant wave heights and associated peak periods
    G. Muraleedharan, C. Lucas, D. Martins & C. Guedes Soares

    Modeling of the western Iberian oceanic currents with ROMS
    L.T. Pereira, T.C. Costa, M. Marta-Almeida & C. Guedes Soares

    Evaluation of the shoreline dynamics in a coastal sector of the Portuguese nearshore
    E. Rusu, D. Silva & C. Guedes Soares

    Comparison of various data assimilation methods to improve the wave predictions in the Portuguese coastal environment
    L. Rusu & C. Guedes Soares

    Renewable energy

    Influence of the electric tariff on a floating offshore wind farm
    L. Castro-Santos, L. Carral-Couce, A. Filgueira-Vizoso, I. Lamas Galdo & J.Á. Fraguela Formoso

    Theoretical analysis of mechanical energy conversion by a point absorber WEC using reanalysis wave data
    R.L. Espindola, P.V.F. Andrade &A.M. Araújo

    Power Take-Off concept with flow proportional valves based rectification
    J.F. Gaspar, A. Sinha, M. Calvário & C. Guedes Soares

    Evaluation of the wave energy potential in some locations where European offshore wind farms operate
    F. Onea, A. Raileanu & E. Rusu

    Long-term assessment of the wave load acting on semi-submersible wind turbine support structure
    K. Raed, D. Karmakar & C. Guedes Soares

    Time domain analysis of circular array of heaving point absorbers
    A. Sinha, D. Karmakar, J.F. Gaspar, M. Calvário & C. Guedes Soares

    Trajectory generation for automatic emersion/immersion manoeuvers of first generation TEC
    J.A. Somolinos, M.P. Portilla, E. Segura, M. Espín, L.R. Núñez &A. López

    Semi-taut mooring line damping
    S. Xu, C. Guedes Soares & C. Ji

    Coastal structures

    Experimental study of a new low reflection breakwater
    C.-S. Ciocan, F. Taveira-Pinto, L. das Neves & P. Rosa-Santos

    Numerical modelling of curved-front seawalls under regular waves
    J.F.M. Gadelho, C. Guedes Soares, K.V. Anand &V. Sundar

    A comparison between analytical and numerical simulations of solutions of the coupled Boussinesq equations
    S.C. Mohapatra, R.B. Fonseca & C. Guedes Soares

    Effect of submerged horizontal flexible membrane on a moored floating elastic plate
    S.C. Mohapatra & C. Guedes Soares


    Wireless energy and communications in remote ocean areas: The ENDURE and BLUECOM+ projects
    L.M. Pessoa & R. Campos

    The impact of the 2008 financial crisis on the Portuguese maritime cluster
    A. Simões, R. Salvador & C. Guedes Soares


    C. Guedes Soares is a professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal. He received the MSc and Ocean Engineer degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, in 1976, the PhD degree from the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, in 1984, and the Doctor of Science degree from the Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, in 1991. He is also the President of the Centre for Marine Technology and Engineering (CENTEC), which is a research centre of the Instituto Superior Técnico that is recognized and funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. He has coauthored more than 400 journal papers and 600 conference papers and has been involved in more than 60 international research projects and 20 national projects.

    Tiago A. Santos is an assistant professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal. He received the MSc degree from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, in 1999 and the PhD degree from Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal, in 2007. He is currently a member of the Naval Architecture Branch of the Portuguese Association of Engineers (Ordem dos Engenheiros). He has participated in a significant number of national and international research projects, and has coauthored approximate 20 journal papers, 20 conference papers and 30 chapters in books.