1st Edition

Marketing in Developing Nations Contemporary Developments, Cases and Problems in Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Edited By Ayodele C. Oniku Copyright 2025
    250 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The developing markets of Africa, Asia and the Middle-East are quickly becoming the future of world economic and trade development. They are affluent in terms of population, resources, and market expansion with rising interests of the EU, USA and multi-national corporations in the region. It is therefore becoming imperative for the academic and global business community to have an accurate picture of the peculiarities of marketing practices, developments, and consumer experiences in these developing markets.

    This book presents contemporary cases across Africa, Asia and the Middle-East to aid the global understanding of both market and consumer behaviours across the regions, and equally provide robust knowledge to approach the markets with strategic responses. A unique characteristic of the African economy and the other regional markets like Middle-East and Asia is that they might have one global business outlook to non-citizens and non-residents, but the internal structure and market behaviours quite reveals that they are different and diverse in terms of culture, socialisation, religion, technology assimilation, economic capacity, etc. which invariably affect market behaviours, buying decisions and consumer behavioural patterns and decisions in each market.

    This edited collection will bring together a comprehensive assembly of cases considering these diverse characteristics to provide foresight for marketing strategy, policy and decision making. Marketing in Developing Nations will aid researchers and upper-level students looking to further understand the specifics of marketing in these regions, whilst also offering real life examples to stimulate further research and insight for global business.

    PART I: Product


    1. Product Stigmatisation and Product Exaggeration: The Twin Dilemmas of African Consumers 

    Ayodele C. Oniku


    2. Know Your Mate: The Psychographic Side of Beer Consumption in Nigeria

    Ayodele Oniku; Elatuyi, Tola & Otayemi, Oluwaseun.


    3.One-Stop-Shop, A New Marketing Strategy in Recreational Business in Jos, Plateau State: A Case Study of Vei-So-Nshi Bar

     Kennedy O. Nwagwu; Robbinson A. Bananda; Cornelius N. Wukari.


    PART II: Consumer Behaviour/Young Consumer Behaviour


    4. Condom Use and Acceptance: A Case of Nigeria Society

    Ayodele C. Oniku


    5. Sustainable Shopping Mall Visit: The Case Study of Young Saudi Shoppers

    Zaimurin B. Dahari; Arif Syah Jauhari; Mohammad A.A. Mutalib; Rachid Moustaquim ; Ibrahim A.A. AlZahrani; Saheed A. Gbadegeshin


    6. Storytelling: Coke and the Alpha Generation’s Demand Behaviours

    Ayodele C. Oniku ; Olamide Akintimehin


    PART III: International Marketing


    7. International Marketing-Shaping: The Case Study of Indoor Hygiene Solutions in Saudi Arabia

    Ibrahim A.A. AlZahrani; Saheed A. Gbadegeshin; Zainurin B. Dahari; Rachid Moustaquim .


    8. Going Global – A Qualitative Analysis of Nigerian Cuisine Beyond the “Jollof Rice” Rivalry

    Nnamdi O Madichie


    PART IV: Entrepreneurship Marketing


    9. Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies: The Case of Ghanian Artisans in Suame Magazine Atsu Nkukpornu; Etse Nkukpornu; Kwame Adom


    10. Skyville Company Ltd: A Case of Emerging Product in an Emerging Economy

    Ayodele C. Oniku; Owolabi Kuye.


    PART V: Political Marketing


    11. Does Celebrity Endorsement Influence Voters’ Choice of a Political Party? Ghanian Political Marketing Perspectives

    Atsu Nkukpornu; Etse Nkukpornu: Kwame Adom.


    12. Gida-Gida Movement: The New Dimension of Personal Selling in Political Campaign

     Robinson A. Bananda; Kennedy O. Nwagwu; Cornelius N. Wukari.







    Ayodele C. Oniku is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration (Marketing Unit) at the University Of Lagos, Nigeria. He is an alumnus of the Department of Economics, Obafemi Awolowo University; the University of Lagos and Royal Docks Business School, University of East London, UK respectively. He has experience that spans nearly thirty years in Marketing fields in both academic and industry and in African and European markets. He is a co-editor of a compendium titled: Religion and Consumer Behaviour in Developing Nations and has authored many book chapters. He is a Senior Partner with Ayo Oniku & Associates.