1st Edition

Marx Against Marxism Routledge Library Editions: Political Science Volume 56

By Julius Lowenstein Copyright 2010

    This volume traces the origins, contradictions and consequences of Marx’s teaching on his followers. He uses Marx to speak against the rigid dogmatism inherent in much of Marxism and concentrates on the interpretations of Marx’s work by Max Weber.

    Part 1: Antecedents  1. The Intellectual Setting  2. Marx’s Philosophical Apprenticeship  3. Modern Capitalism  4. The Emergence of Socialism  5. The Hegelian Dialectic  6. Feuerbach’s Inversion of the Dialectic  7. Marx’s Early Communist Phase: The Realization of the True Political Economy  Part 2: Marx’s Thought  8. The Birth of Historical Materialism  9. Economic Base and Ideological Superstructure  10. Historical Sociology  11. Political Economy  12. Towards the New Society  13. Contradictions in Marx  14. Consequences of the Contradictions  Part 3: Marx’s Influence  15. Weber’s Lifelong Dialogue with Marx  16. Marx in the Light of Weber’s Clarification of Method  17. The Controversy over the Dialectic  18. Marx’s Influence on the Communists of the Second Generation  19. The Revival of Marxist thought in the 1950s and 1960s  20. The Student Revolt of the 1960s  21. The New Left  22. The Chinese Revolution  23. Maoist Orthodoxy


    Lowenstein, Julius