4th Edition

Mass Immigration and the National Interest Policy Directions for the New Century

By Robert O Briggs Copyright 2004
    344 Pages
    by Routledge

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    As America begins the 21st century there is growing outcry across the land for reform of the nation's chaotic immigration policies. This text shows how immigration patterns are in direct conflict with emerging labour market trends and constitute a serious threat to the jobs of American workers.

    1. Introduction: The Revival of Mass Immigration; 2. Immigration Policy: A Determinant of Economic Phenomena; 3. Citizenship and Naturalization; 4. Prelude to Mass Immigration; 5. Creating a Non-Agricultural Labor Force: The First Wave of Mass Immigration; 6. Expanding the Urban Labor Force: The Second Wave of Mass Immigration; 7. Rapid Industrialization Expands the Demand for Labor: The Third Wave of Mass Immigration; 8. Reprieve: The Cessation of Mass Immigration; 9. The Redesign of Immigration Policy: Replacing Social Goals with Political Goals; 10. Unexpected Consequences: The Revival of Mass Immigration; 11. Oversight: The Economic and Social Transformation of the U.S. Labor Market; 12. The National Interest: Synchronization of Immigration Policy with Economic Circumstances; Appendix A. Means by Which Selected Nations Grant Citizenship; Appendix B. The Preference System Created Under the Immigration Act of 1965; Appendix C. The Legal Immigration System and Its Preference Allocations in Effect from 1980 to 1991


    Robert O. Briggs (Author) ,  Vernon M. Briggs (Author)