Mastering GitHub Pages : A Beginner's Guide book cover
1st Edition

Mastering GitHub Pages
A Beginner's Guide

Edited By

Sufyan bin-Uzayr

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ISBN 9781032149783
April 14, 2022 Forthcoming by CRC Press
112 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Quick question: Why should you read Mastering GitHub Pages?

Well, because this book offers you a concise guide so that you can quickly navigate the terrains of GitHub Pages sites in a fairly smooth manner.

Let’s ask a few more questions: but why use GitHub Pages if it can only make static websites? Why should you go for static websites when you could get a dynamic one made for your organization?

Again, why not?! Having a static websites is a sureshot strategy to save a lot of money, keep the website secure, as well as ensure built-in backups. Plus, you can serve it over HTTPS, and make sure that it is fast and SEO-ready.

Mastering GitHub Pages delves into static (and dynamic) websites as well as their advantages and disadvantages, but let's talk about static pages briefly again. Static websites tend to be incredibly fast since they have no processing time for databases and other stuff. Additionally, because you are committing a code base of static assets to a Git repository, the rolling back of changes is simply an issue involving reversion to a commit that was made previously. So, backups are a mere git push away, and you are basically serving your entire website from a cache. This means that your server will never need to process a request again. This book helps you master the art of static site generation in no time.

Furthermore, Mastering GitHub Pages also discusses in great length Jekyll, a popular static site generator. When working with Jekyll, all you do is give it liquid templates as well as Markdown content, and it is adept at combining them both into a static website. It requires no-on-the-fly processing, and your blog will display at a significantly faster speed. This workflow proves useful for GitHub Pages because they tend to support the Jekyll builds. As such, your blog posts can be contributed using pull requests, and all your content gets stored within version control. Non-developers could also contribute posts in Markdown.

Mastering GitHub Pages, therefore, is an immensely useful book that all developers can make use of for the creation of websites on the free GitHub Pages platform. So go ahead, grab a copy of the book for a proper GitHub Pages primer!

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to GitHub Pages a. What is GitHub Pages? b. Basics of GitHub Pages c. Types of GitHub Pages Site 2. Getting Started with GitHub Pages a. Creating GitHub Pages Site b. Creating a Repository for your Site c. Adding a Theme d. Configuring a Publishing Source for your GitHub Pages Site 3. Jekyll and GitHub Pages a. Introduction to Jekyll b. Setting Up a GitHub Pages Site with Jekyll c. Testing your GitHub Pages site locally with Jekyll d. Jekyll Build Errors for GitHub Pages Site 4. Configuring a Custom Domain a. What is a Custom Domain? b. Managing a Custom Domain for GitHub Pages Site c. Troubleshooting Custom Domains and Github Pages 5. Appraisal

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Sufyan bin Uzayr is a writer, coder and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the industry. He has authored several books in the past, pertaining to a diverse range of topics, ranging from History to Computers/IT.

Sufyan is the Director of Parakozm, a multinational IT company specializing in EdTech solutions. He also runs Zeba Academy, an online learning and teaching vertical with a focus on STEM fields.

Sufyan specializes in a wide variety of technologies, such as JavaScript, Dart, WordPress, Drupal, Linux and Python. He holds multiple degrees, including ones in Management, IT, Literature and Political Science.

Sufyan is a digital nomad, dividing his time between four countries. He has lived and taught in universities and educational institutions around the globe. Sufyan takes a keen interest in technology, politics, literature, history and sports, and in his spare time, he enjoys teaching coding and English to young students.

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