1st Edition

Masters of Narrative and Collaborative Therapies The Voices of Andersen, Anderson, and White

Edited By Tapio Malinen, Scot J. Cooper, Frank N. Thomas Copyright 2012

    Tom Andersen, Harlene Anderson, and Michael White have shaped the landscapes of dialogical, collaborative, and narrative therapies. This unique book archives one of their gatherings and, in the spirit of therapeutic practice, is conversational and captures the presentations and exchanges between the three main contributors and international discussants. Tom Andersen invites us along to navigate the ‘forks in the road’ he faced in his emerging career, and he revisits the development of his pioneering ideas such as reflecting teams. Harlene Anderson paints the picture of her experiences in collaboration with women in Bosnia.  Michael White, co-founder of the narrative therapy tradition, then provides a clear example of the frontiers of collaborative post-modern therapies.  Through the introduction of the theory and application of Vygotskian ideas Michael excites the reader about what is possible to know and do in a therapeutic conversation.

    Malinen, Cooper, Thomas, An Opening Trialogue. Andersen, Words—Universes Travelling By. Anderson, Possibilities of the Collaborative Approach. White, Scaffolding a Therapeutic Conversation. Malinen, Cooper, Thomas, Closing Trialogue.


    Tapio Malinen is Teacher of Psychotherapy at the Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute.

    Scot J. Cooper is Supervisor at HN REACH in Ontario, Canada and a faculty member at Brief Therapy Training Centres International™, The Hincks Dellcrest Centre.

    Frank N. Thomas is Professor of Counseling in the College of Education, Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

    "This is perhaps the most useful book to appear since the earliest writings in the post-modern/collaborative/narrative work pioneered by three icons of the therapy world – Tom Andersen, Harlene Anderson, and Michael White. Shaped into a book by three cutting edge researchers (Tapio Mailinen, Scot Cooper, and Frank N. Thomas), this highly readable and informative multilogue brings the reader into an extraordinary exchange of ideas that occurred in Hämeenlinna Finland immediately before the sudden and unexpected death of Andersen and White, two of the three principal architects of collaborative/narrative dialogue/philosophy, who are the focus of this engaging volume. Destined to become a classic, I recommend this book to everyone in the behavioral sciences, from beginning student to seasoned sage – any thoughtful person wanting to consider one’s manner of 'being-in-the-world,' and willing to invest in a thoroughly enjoyable exploration of what sort of 'social life becomes possible when one way of talking and acting is employed versus another.'" - Wendel A. Ray, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Mental Research Institute (MRI), Palo Alto, CA; Professor of Family System Theory, Marriage & Family Therapy Program, The University of Louisiana – Monroe, USA

    “Reading this book is like being invited into numerous and overlapping conversations among friends at a party. The solo voices of Tom, Harlene, and Michael rise clearly and distinctly, and yet we hear the harmony that comes from their passion for the relational. Thanks to the editors for hosting and welcoming us into these conversations.” - Dan Wulff, PhD, and Sally St. George, PhD, Associate Professors, University of Calgary, Canada

    “Elegantly written and profoundly thought provoking, this book solidifies the historical ground under collaborative therapies and re-invigorates these ideas with fresh, inspiring, and exciting innovations." - Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, PhD, BAFTTA Training Director; Author, The Skill-ionaire in Every Child

    “I was quickly drawn in by the innovative format of this book and enjoyed the histories of ideas that are shared as well as the emerging ideas and practices which infuse life into narrative and collaborative therapies.” - Shona Russell, B Soc. Admin., MA, Therapist and teacher, Narrative Practices Adelaide, South Australia

    “George Kelly once said, ‘If you don’t know, ask; perhaps your client will tell you.’ Andersen, Anderson, and White not only asked, they listened and co-created dialogues with their clients. And now, this book’s authors present their stimulating dialogues.” - John Littrell, EdD, Author, Brief Counseling in Action and Portrait and Model of a School Counselor