1st Edition

Material Science and Engineering Proceedings of the 3rd Annual 2015 International Conference on Material Science and Engineering (ICMSE2015, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 15-17 May 2015)

Edited By Ping Chen Copyright 2016

    Material Science and Engineering presents novel and fundamental advances in the field of material science and engineering. This proceedings collects the comprehensive and worldwide research results on Metallic Materials and Applications, Chemical Materials, Electronic Materials, Nanomaterials, Composite and Polymer Materials, Bio and Medical Materials, Functional and Ceramic Materials, Environmental Materials, Building Materials and Interior Design, Fiber Materials, and Mechanical Property of Materials.

    Collecting the comprehensive and state-of-art in these fields, the contributions provide a broad overview of the latest research results, so that Material Science and Engineering will prove to be a valuable reference book to academics and professionals in material science and engineering.



    Metallic materials and applications

    Effect of the cooling rate and final cooling temperature on the microstructure of GCr15 bearing steel
    X.D. Huo, Z.Z. Tian, L.J. Li & N.F. Liu

    Effect of different flakiness ratios of two-liquid bimetal casting on the technology and microstructure
    Y.C. Zhu, Z.J. Wei, S.F. Rong, C.L. Ma & Y.H. Wu

    Comprehensive research of carbide indexable toll edge cutting simulation
    F. Li

    Microstructure of plasma surface iron alloy coating reinforced by pre-coated SiCp
    X.D. Du, Z.L. Song, Z. Dan, J. Shen & G.F. Liu

    Characterization of Al-Mn particles in Mg-6Al-xMn magnesium alloys
    L. Zhang, Z. Wu & J.H. Wang

    Structure, hydrogen storage properties and thermal stability of Mg90 (RE0.25Ni0.75)10 alloys
    J.J. Li, Z.M. Wang, P. Lv, P. Liu, J.Q. Deng & Q.R. Yao

    Precipitation behavior of MnS inclusion for high-speed wheel steel during the solidification process
    Y. Tang

    Mechanism research on the formation and control of MnS inclusion in heavy rail steel
    H.G. Li, T.M. Chen & L. Chen

    Methodology of the fatigue test for the partial component of the railway vehicle’s carbody
    Z.Z. Wang & X.W. Wu

    Iron slag as a flame retardant for flexible Poly(Vinyl Chloride)
    M. Gao, H. Wang, Y.H. Wang & C.B. Guo

    Research on dissimilar metal fusion welding-brazing of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy
    H. Li & J.J. Dai

    Analyzing the structure strength of tracked vehicles’ wheel box based on the virtual prototyping technology
    F. Yang, Q.G. Shang & X. Jin

    Characterization of precipitate phases in a Mg-Gd-Y-Nd-Zr alloy
    J.C. Xiong, Z.W. Du, T. Li, X.L. Han, Y.J. Li, X.G. Li & K. Zhang

    Molecular dynamics simulation of the crack propagation of aluminum with void under various conditions
    P. Chen, X.B. Liu & Z. Fang

    Effects of the ytterbium modification on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the Mg-3Al-1Si magnesium alloy
    X.L. Wei, K. Jia, L. Li, W.B. Yu & H.Z. Zhao

    Surface characteristics of TiN, TiAlN and AlCrN coated tungsten carbide
    P. Jaritngam, C. Dumkum & V. Tangwarodomnukun

    Influence of V and N addition on the microstructure and properties of low-alloy steel containing 1% chromium
    X.M. Dong, Z.H. Zhang & Y.X. Chen

    Effect of heat treatment on the banded structure of a hot-rolled 30CrMo steel
    M. Wang, G. Xu, Y. Zhang & L. Wang

    Effect of Ti content on microstructures and Charpy impact properties in the Coarse-Grained Heat-Affected Zones of HSLA steels
    X. Luo, Z.D. Wang, H. Tang, J. Cai, K.X. Chen & X.H. Chen

    Adsorption kinetics of soil-exchangeable Zn and Mn by Fe–Al binary oxide
    Y.L. Dong

    Effect of sand-blasted treatment on the oxidation resistance of TP347 stainless steel in high-temperature water vapor
    J.W. Chen, Z. Jiang, H. Mu, C. Luo, H.D. Liu & B. Yang

    Investigation on the magnetic properties of heat-resistant steels and oxides
    J.W. Chen, Z. Jiang, H. Mu, Q. Wan, H.D. Liu & B. Yang

    Chemical materials

    High-performance UV-cure polyurethane acrylate for UV transparent insulation inks
    J.J. Huang, X.C. Zhang, J.T. Liang, Y.C. Feng, W.J. Zhao & Z.H. Yang

    Fluorescence reabsorption analysis on the laser cooling of Er3-doped fluoroindate glass
    Y.H. Jia, B. Zhong & J.P. Yin

    The first-principle study of structures and properties of Cun1, PbCun (n = 18) clusters
    L.T. Sun, C.P. Fu, M. Huang & C.Z. Guo

    Research on the influence of species and diameters of the filler on the thermal conductivities of silicone potting glue
    J.Y. He, Q. Wang, X.C. Ye, R.Y. Wang, X. Tang, L.C. He & H. He

    Double functional polystyrene beads
    X.D. Duan, W.H. Sun, Y.H. Zhang, L.G. Sun & D.M. Zhao

    Preparation of quaternized cationic waterborne polyurethane and its fixative performance on reactive dyes
    M.Y. Zhang, J.Q. Liu & H. Quan

    Effect of unvulcanized polar graft-modified rubbers on mechanical and thermal properties of Polypropylene
    X. Li & H.T. Liu

    Properties of medical grade Polypropylene and its as-spun filament
    F.Q. Li, X.H. Liu & H.T. Liu

    Phenolic Foam modified with butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber as a toughening agent
    M. Gao, Z.H. Chai, Y.H. Wang & C.B. Guo

    Study on the main affecting factors of the fire-retardant retention on the bamboo bundles of a fire-retardant bamboo scrimber
    C.G. Du, J.G. Wei & C.D. Jin

    Electrochemical properties of rod-like liquid crystalline molecules based on aromatic aldehyde
    M.Y. Zheng, Y.S. Wei, W. Geng & Y.Z. Gu

    Synthesis and crystal structure of ethyl 2-(salicylylideneamino)-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzo [b]thiophene-3-carboxylate
    H. Gao, J. Fu & X.J. Song

    Magnesium olivine sand as a flame retardant for flexible Poly(Vinyl Chloride)
    X.J. Ren, Z.H. Chai, C.G. Song & M. Gao

    Preparation of a non-ionic polyacrylamide-grafted starch flocculant and its application in the treatment of coal slurry waste water
    Y.J. Sun, Y.L. Yang, F. Zhen & T.J. Zhang

    Preparation of a cationic polyacrylamide-grafted starch flocculant and its application
    Y.J. Sun, Y.L. Yang & Q.L. Xu

    Epoxy resins treated with manganese-containing compounds
    Y.L. Yang, C.B. Guo & M. Gao

    Chitosan/polyvinylpyrrolidone hydrogels for cimetidine release
    X.J. Li, Z.D. Zhou, Y. Huang & G.Y. Li

    Preparation and characterization of a novel desulfurizer, Co3O4/-Al2O3-attapulgite, and its optimization for the removal of SO2
    T. Zhang, J.Q. Li, Y.N. Wei & M. Ye

    Electronic materials

    Electronic and optical properties of quasi-2D BCN2
    L.N. Jiao, C.M. Li, F. Li, J.P. Wang & Z.Q. Chen

    Magnetic effect on electron spin with both hyperfine interaction and spin-orbit coupling
    J.Q. Zhao, T. Wang, L.Y. Li, S.D. Zhuang, J.H. Mao & H.L. Wang

    Enhanced performance of HIZO Thin-Film Transistors by using a high- HfTaO gate dielectric
    P. Xu & H.-J. Wang

    Cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence properties of Eu-doped Ba3Si6O12N2 green phosphors by microwave sintering
    B. Han, Y.F. Wang, Q. Liu & Q. Huang

    Influence of Mn doping on dielectric loss of La/Ca Co-doped BaTiO3 ceramic with dielectric-temperature stability
    D.Y. Lu, Q.Y. Zhang, T.T. Liu, Y.Y. Peng, X.Y. Yu, Q. Cai & X.Y. Sun

    Electronic structure and power factor of NaxCoO2 from first-principles calculation
    P.X. Lu & X.M. Wang

    Electrodeposition of nickel under the conditions of applied magnetic field and no forced-convection
    X.D. Zhang & P.M. Ming

    Synthesis and characterization of core-shell ion-imprinted polymers by the surface imprinting technology for selective separation lead ions from the aqueous solution
    G.X. Zhong, W.L. Guo, Y. Xu, L.L. Zhang & Y. Chen

    Low electrolyte dyeing technology with reactive dyes
    X.P. Zeng

    Photon-assistant transport properties of coupled Quantum Dots
    Y.R. Ma, Y.J. Liu, R. Niu & Y.R. Huang

    Research on a new oxide-scale detection technique based on magnetic induction
    J.W. Chen, Z. Jiang, H. Mu, H.D. Liu, Q. Wan & B. Yang


    Effective properties prediction of Carbon Nanotubes reinforced nanomaterials
    Y. Sha & C.H. Duan

    Ion-implanted Au nanoparticles for encoding information in light
    C. Torres-Torres, R. Rangel-Rojo, R. Torres-Martínez, J.C. Cheang-Wong, A. Crespo-Sosa, L. Rodríguez-Fernández & A. Oliver

    Cooperative buckling of parallel nanowires on elastomeric substrates
    Y.L. Chen, L.L. Zhu, Y.L. Liu & X. Chen

    Improvement of the field emission properties of post-annealed ZnO nanorod arrays by chemical bath deposition
    Y.H. Huang, H.M. He, C.H. Lai, Y.M. Lee, W.S. Chen, C.H. Hsu & J.S. Lin

    Synthesis and structural characterization of a nanotube potassium titanate anode material for lithium-ion batteries
    X.L. Ma & Y.J. Zhao

    The fabrication of the InP nanoporous structure and the optical property of sulfur-passivated InP
    S.Z. Niu, D. Fang, J.L. Tang, H.M. Jia, X. Gao, R.X. Li, X. Fang, Z.P. Wei & F. Fang

    Photoluminescence analysis of ZnO microrods grown by the hydrothermal method
    H.Q. Zhang, Y. Jin & L.Z. Hu

    Composite and polymer materials

    Study on the preparation and characteristics of HDPE/dialdehyde starch composites
    X.Q. Liao & J. Zhu

    Effect of silicon on the microstructure and properties of Sip/ZA40 composite materials
    N.S. Xie, H. Liu & B.Z. Hu

    Preparation and mechanical properties of PP/morphology of CaCO3 composites
    X.Q. Liao & J. Zhu

    Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of PP composites modified by CaCO3 with different morphologies
    S. Yang, J. Luo & H.B. Chen

    Improving the toughness properties of CFRP composites by Aramid Nonwoven Fabric
    W.M. Zhao & X.S. Yi

    Anisotropic thermal expansion behaviors of Al18B4O33 whisker-reinforced aluminum matrix composites
    P.T. Zhao, C.Q. Liu, S.C. Xu, Z.M. Du, L.D. Wang & W.D. Fei

    Effect of SnO2 coating content on the microstructure of Al18B4O33w/6061Al composite extruded at 350 C
    P.T. Zhao, C.Q. Liu, S.C. Xu, Z.M. Du, L.D. Wang & W.D. Fei

    Effect of an enclosed cage structure on the polymer chain characteristics of Ope-POSS/PU hybrid composites
    R. Pan, L.L. Wang & Y. Liu

    Experimental and numerical study of single-sided scarf-repaired composite honeycomb sandwich structures
    Z.W. Deng, Y. Yan & H.B. Luo

    Differences in influences of fumed silica and a kind of "cage-like silica" on properties of polydimethylsiloxane rubber based composites at low temperatures
    Z.Q. Dong, Y.L. Zhu, M.P. He & J.Y. Pei

    Influence of Vacuum Ultraviolet radiation on the mass loss of polymer materials
    Y. Wang, X. Guo, X.R. Wang, S.S. Yang & X.J. Wang

    Bio and medical materials

    The progress of vegetable oil-based lubricants
    H. Wen, Y.G. Shi, G.Z. Fan, P.F. Xu, Y.X. Jiang, B. Su & H.F. Gong

    Numerical simulation and analysis of heat and mass transfer process in hot air drying of agricultural products
    M. Wang & T. Lin

    The establishment of HPLC analysis method of 4-chloro-4-fluorobutyrophenone
    Y. Zhang, S.C. Zhao, H.Y. Qu, H. Zhao, H.X. Du, J.X. Yang, S.H. Mu & C. Zheng

    Study on the optimization of the fermentation process by lactic acid bacteria in jelly fish
    H. Wang, S.S. Chen & Z.Z. Shi

    Experimental study on the biomechanical behavior of the expanding ring for treating glaucoma
    Y.B. Cong, L.Y. Wang & H.Q. Yu

    Functional and ceramic materials

    Visible-light refraction going from negative to positive in Au/TiO2/Au multilayered structures
    Y. Zang, M. Sun & J.W. Chen

    Influence of the pore types of mesoporous SiO2 on material removal during CMP by molecular dynamics simulation
    Y. Wang, R.L. Chen, H. Lei, R.R. Jiang & X.C. Lu

    Study on the tribological characteristics of Si3N4-hBN ceramic materials sliding against cast iron
    W. Chen, X. Ai, D.Q. Gao & Z.L. Lv

    Analysis of packer rubber aging properties
    J.N. Wang, J. You, J. Wang, L. Wang, L. Liu, Q. Liu, C. Zeng, W. Meng, L. Zhang & G.L. Zhu

    Colorimetric analysis of green jadeite
    D.J. Nie, Y. Zou & X.K. Zhu

    Synthesis of AlON powders by the hydrothermal method following by SPS calcination
    Q.H. Deng, Z.H. Ding, A. Yann, D.W. Shi, Z.J. Liu & Q. Huang

    Environmental materials

    Effective removal of copper (II) ions from the solution using the carbonization of Pomelo Peel as the adsorbent
    J.H. Zhang, X. Ren, C.G. Zhao & J. Li

    Analysis of financial management environment in new materials enterprises
    L. Yang

    Eco-friendly and cost-effective biodegradable films prepared via compounding polyester with thermoplastic starch
    Y. Pan, H. Wang & H. Xiao

    Experimental study of direct flocculation for the oil removal of waste water in ship tanks
    Z.M. Qin, J. Yu, J.H. Xie & B.H. Cai

    Building material and interior design

    Analysis on the methods and changes of the interior space design of express inns
    T.T. Yu, Y.P. Wang & X.F. Sun

    Properties of plant-based asphalt cement-stabilized fine-grained soil
    X.B. Zhang, H.T. Sun, Q.B. Zhu, W.D. Cao & S.T. Liu

    Influences of concrete mechanical properties when using zeolite powder as admixture
    Q.W. Liu

    The effect of pH value on the measuring accuracy of the bundled chloride ion selective electrodes for concrete
    Y. Jiang, Z. Chen, L.F. Yang & M. Zhou

    The effects of graphite on the mechanical and thermal properties of cement pastes
    C. Huang, Q. Wang & P. Song

    Research on the preparation and properties of foamed cement with metakaolin
    N. Li, Q. Wang & P. Song

    Deformation tracking method of asphalt mixture particles based on cross-calibration
    H. Ying, Y. Liu, H. Chen, Q. Wu, X.X. Li & X.Y. Lu

    Discussion on the development and application of new environmental protection building materials
    A. Wang & M.M. Li

    A new type of filter wall
    H. Wen

    Fiber material

    Adsorption of Pb(II) from aqueous solutions by immobilized persimmon tannins on collagen fiber
    H.-J. Liang, Z.-M. Wang, G.-Y. Li, C.-Y. Ma & P.-B. Dai

    Thermal stability of cotton cellulose modified with terbium complexes
    Y.L. Yang, C.B. Guo & M. Gao

    Identification of textile fiber components using Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis
    J. Luo, J.C. Hu & D.Y. Qi

    Effect of card taker-in speed on fiber length in flat strips
    D.L. Shi, X. Guo & X.Z. Yu

    Inter-ONU backup fiber based protection for Passive Optical Network against multiple link failures
    H.J. Tan, X. Guo, Q. Gao & Y.M. Xie

    A real-time current measuring system for fibers and textiles based on LabVIEW
    G.P. Jia & C.M. Zeng

    Thermal degradation of cotton cellulose modified with magnesium complexes
    X.J. Ren, H. Wang, C.G. Song & M. Gao

    Degumming and dissolving of Antheraea yamamai silk fibroin
    M.J. Shi, Z.H. Zheng, Z.W. Luo, Y. Zhang & M.Z. Li

    Effects of fractured cell-walls on the creep of low density open-cell foams
    Z.G. Fan

    BFRP-based FBG strain sensor
    H.Y. Yu, Q. Wei, X.H. Qin, M. Wang & Y.D. Liu

    Thermogravimetric analysis on the combustion of hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin
    L.K. Li, Y. Zhou, J.Y. Hwang, J.X. Liu, X.P. Mao, G.F. Zhou & J.P. Suo

    Dyeing of silk/nylon blend with heterobifunctional reactive dyes in one bath
    M. Xiong & R.C. Tang

    Mechanical property of materials

    Moisture sorption isotherm and thermodynamic property of Litopenaeus vannamei
    W.H. Cao, S. Tian & C.H. Zhang

    The effect of Carbon Black on dynamic mechanical properties of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber vulcanizates
    L. Liu, B.G. Zhang, X.R. Xie, X. Geng, W. Li & Z.S. Chen

    Numerical simulation and lift loss assessment for a scaled S/VTOL aircraft proximity of the ground
    S. Liu, Z.X. Wang & L. Zhou

    The synthesis of the amidosilane-based surfactants and the investigation of their surface tension
    X.L. Sun, F.L. Xing, Q. Xu, Y.P. Wang, X. Li & L.Y. Wang

    Airflow analysis of the web cleaner with one fully closed end
    Y.P. Zhao, X.G. Han, P.Z. Sun & J. Ning

    Research of different clamping modes on stretch forming twisted part
    Y.Y. Cheng, M.Z. Li & J. Xing

    The influence of friction coefficient on forming results in Multi-Gripper Flexible Stretch Forming
    J. Xing, Y.Y. Cheng, M.Z. Li & Y. Wang

    Mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology

    The influence of delay time on the dynamic characteristics of milling system
    B. Rong, W.F. Xu, Y.F. Yang & N. He

    Research on the screw machine for the teaching aid
    F. Feng, J.G. Ling, J.M. Zhou, F.Q. Bai & R.Q. He

    Research on the vibration-damping technology of some underwater vehicle
    K. Liu, X. Zhang, J. Sun, S.C. Ding & B.Y. Zhang

    Research on the dynamic characteristics of hydraulic shock absorber
    X. Wang, P.B. Wu & D.X. Yang

    The diagnosis of fuel injection quantity through the fuel pressure sensor of the common rail in diesel engines
    C.L. Xu, G.Z. Yue & Y. Lei

    Novel friendly hydrophobic-associated hydrogel AM-co-AEO-AC: Particular behavior and extraordinary mechanical properties
    T.T. Gao, H. Huang, G. Gao & F.Q. Liu

    Optimization design for the driving shaft of walking beam cooling bed transmission system
    W.Y. Yu & Y. Shang

    The design and analysis of the whole drilling rig moved device
    H.B. Zhao, X.H. Shen & X.W. Sun

    Effect of parameters on flying wing UAV buzz responses
    J. Xu & X.P. Ma

    Determination method for rutting specimen cross-section deformation curve based on line-structured light
    H. Ying, Q. Wu, Y. Liu, H. Chen, W. Wang, H.J. Xu & J.Q. Gao

    Virtual prototype simulation of a hybrid quad-rotor aircraft based on RecurDyn and Simulink
    G. Tong & X.J. Zhang

    Experimental study on the micro-channel coil heat transfer performance of the current air-cooled scroll chiller
    Y.R. Zhou & P.J. Shang

    Effects of the production process on the properties of inorganic non-metallic material
    F.Q. Zhang, X.T. Yue, L.N. Xu & Q.B. Tian

    Other engineering topics

    Evacuation strategy and simulation study of urban rail transit emergencies
    L. Zhang & Y.B. Lv

    Study on emergency evacuation strategies for unexpected large passenger flow in urban rail transit station
    Q.W. Ye & Y.B. Lv

    Research on the evaluation and selection of the returned logistics operation model of iron and steel enterprise
    M.N. Li & Y.B. Lv

    Research on the evaluation index system of the comprehensive competitiveness of coal mine projects under coal electricity joint operation conditions based on AHP
    R.J. Ding & M. Li

    Double image encryption based on multiple-parameter fractional Fourier transform
    F.S. Song, H.Y. Mao & X.B. Meng

    An information service model based on "Cloud plus Terminal" for agriculture extension
    L.F. Guo & W.S. Wang

    The study of urban road intersection safety evaluation method based on the PPC model
    Q. Zhou, Z.S. Yang & H.B. Zhang


    Ping Chen College of Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boise State University, Boise, ID, USA.