1st Edition

Materiality and Popular Culture The Popular Life of Things

Edited By Anna Malinowska, Karolina Lebek Copyright 2017
    284 Pages
    by Routledge

    284 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book critically approaches contemporary meanings of materiality and discuses ways in which we understand, experience, and engage with objects through popular culture in our private, social and professional lives. Appropriating Arjun Appadurai’s famous phrase: "the social life of things", with which he inspired scholars to take material culture more seriously and, as a result, treat it as an important and revealing area of cultural studies, the book explores the relationship between material culture and popular practices, and points to the impact they have exerted on our co-existence with material worlds in the conditions of late modernity.

    Introduction: The Popular Life of Things 

    [Anna Malinowska and Karolina Lebek]

    Part 1: Theorizing the Popular and the Material

    1. Culture: The ‘Popular’ and the ‘Material’ 

    [John Storey]

    2. Cultural Materialisms and Popular Processes of Late Modernity 

    [Anna Malinowska]

    3. The Secret Life of Things: Speculative Realism and the Autonomous Object

    [Grzegorz Czemiel]

    Part 2: From Material Media to Digital Materiality

    4. The Representation of Book Culture in ItNarratives

    [Joanna Maciulewicz]

    5. The Intimacy of Writing – Lost in a Digital Age? 

    [Mayannah N. Dahlheim]

    6. Popular Digital Imaging: Photoshop as Middlebroware

    [Frédérik Lesage]

    7. When You Are Not What You Do Not Have: Some Remarks on Digital Inheritance 

    [Marcin Sarnek]

    Part 3: The Agency of Things and the Negotiation of Meaning

    8. I See Faces: Popular Pareidolia and the Proliferation of Meaning 

    [Joanne Lee]

    9. From Piss-Communication to GraffARTi: Hegemony, Popular Culture and the Bastard Art

    [David Walton]

    10. From Performance to Objects and Back: London’s Inter-ion

    [Lucia Vodanovic]

    11. Bohemian Bourgeoisie and Subversive Commodities 

    [Bartosz Stopel]

    Part 4: Popular Narratives and Material Culture

    12. Objects Don’t Lie: The Truth and the Things in Detective Stories

    [Joanna Soćko]

    13. Emotional Territories: An Exploration of Wes Anderson’s Cinemaps

    [Nicolas Llano Linares]

    14. The Poetics of Objects in True Detective

    [Karolina Lebek]

    15. Mapping the Daytime Landscape: World-Building on US Soap Opera

    [C. Lee Harrington and Byron Miller]

    Part 5: Material Culture and the Creative Self 

    16. In Reverse:


    Anna Malinowska is Assistant Professor at the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures (IECL), University of Silesia, Poland. Her research interests embrace critical theory, popular culture, material culture and love studies. She is particularly interested in the formation of social and cultural norms and social-aesthetic codes of cultural production

    Karolina Lebek is Assistant Professor at the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures (IECL), University of Silesia, Poland. She specializes in early modern studies, specifically in the study of objects as well as material cultures, i. e. theorizing and representing things in cultural and literary practices.

    "Conceptually eclectic and empirically wide-ranging, this book provides an expansive and sophisticated exploration of the complex, shifting and emergent relations between the material and the popular."Mike Michael, University of Sydney, Australia

    "Approaching the growing research field of material and popular culture from a range of perspectives and through many relevant and up-to-date case studies, this anthology adds to our understanding of the materiality of our everyday encounters with the popular." - Karin Fast, Karlstad University, Sweden