5th Edition

Mathematical Knowledge for Primary Teachers

    342 Pages 295 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    342 Pages 295 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its fifth edition, the best-selling text Mathematical Knowledge for Primary Teachers provides trainee teachers with clear information about the fundamental mathematical ideas taught in primary schools.

    With rigorous and comprehensive coverage of all the mathematical knowledge primary teachers need, the text goes beyond rules and routines to help readers deepen their understanding of mathematical ideas and increase their confidence in teaching these ideas. The book has been updated to incorporate changes in the National Curriculum and the associated tests. In addition, Chapter 1 has been expanded to discuss mathematical understanding in the light of the challenges posed by the current changes. These include the re-introduction of traditional calculation methods for multiplication and division, the early coverage of abstract fractions calculations and much more.

    Features include:

    ■ ‘Check’ questions to test the reader’s understanding

    ■ ‘Challenges’ to increase teachers’ confidence and stretch their mathematical abilities

    ■ ‘Links with the classroom’ to emphasise the relevance of ideas to the classroom context

    ■ Straightforward coverage from theory to practice for all aspects of the Mathematics Framework.

    The book is accompanied by eResources which contains further visual activities and support, designed to scaffold and support the reader’s own understanding. Essential reading for all practising and trainee primary teachers, this book is ideal for those who wish to increase their mathematical understanding and confidence in presenting mathematics in the classroom.

    Introduction Part One: Setting the Scene 1. Mathematical understanding 2. Language 3. Problem solving and proof Part Two: Number and Algebra 4. Properties of numbers and operations 5. Counting, place value, addition and subtraction 6. Multiplication and division 7. Integers 8. Fractions, decimals and percentages 9. Understanding algebra 10. Graphs and functions Part Three: Measurement 11. Length 12. Area 13. Capacity and volume 14. Mass and weight 15. Angles and compass directions 16. Time Part four: Shape 17. 2-D shape 18. 2-D shape applications and investigations 19. 3-D shape Part Five: Data Handling 20. Data handling 21. Probability Appendix A — The Numeracy Professional Skills Tests — topics covered in support materials Appendix B — Using programs on the companion website


    Andrew Davis is an Honorary Research Fellow at Durham University School of Education.

    Maria Goulding is a retired Mathematics Education lecturer who previously worked at the Universities of Liverpool, Durham and York.

    The late Jennifer Suggate researched Mathematics Education at Durham University School of Education.