2nd Edition

Mathematics and Multi-Ethnic Students
Exemplary Practices

ISBN 9781138193918
Published May 26, 2017 by Routledge
198 Pages - 46 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Mathematics and Multi-Ethnic Students provides detailed profiles of teachers across the nation who have implemented effective mathematics instruction for diverse student populations. In this revised edition, Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy expands upon the popular case studies and adds two new chapters to highlight the latest educational research and practices that are reflected in the case studies. A third new chapter introduces the concept of the Life-Long Learning Laboratory where courageous questions on issues such as the impact of race on student learning are discussed.

Featuring useful framing tools including the Discussion with Colleagues and Commentary sections, Mathematics and Multi-Ethnic Students translates concrete instances of access and equity into generalized problem-solving methods for promoting ethnic diversity across grade levels. An important resource for pre-service and in-service educators, researchers, administrators, and policy makers, this volume highlights the work of teachers who have gone beyond mere awareness of reform recommendations in mathematics instruction. By uniting the goals of multicultural education with those of the mathematics curriculum, educators will learn to conceptualize and implement best practices for effective, equitable teaching and learning of mathematics for their students.

Table of Contents





  1. Introduction
  2. Background

    Purpose of This Book

    The Sensitive Questions

    Chapter Overviews

  3. Trends and Issues Leading to Standards-Based Reform
  4. Constructivism

    NCTM Standards: Building the Foundations for Reform, 1989–2000 

    NCTM’s Quest for a Coherent Curriculum

    The Third International Mathematics Study

    Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

    Grit And Productive Struggle

    Reform-Based State Standards

    Common Core State Standards

    Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

    CCSSM Content Standards

    Procedural Skills and CCSSM

    Standards for Mathematical Practices

    Principles to Action: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All

    Guiding Principles for School Mathematics

    The Mathematics Teaching Practices

    Special Student Populations

    Assessing National State Standards

    NCTM Position on High-Stakes Assessment

    Math Wars II

    Standards-Based Documents as Living Documents

    Online Standards-Based Resources  

  5. Exemplary Practice: What Does It Look Like?
  6. Envisioning a Standards-based Classroom Environment

    Exemplary Practices


  7. Issues in Multicultural Mathematics Education
  8. Questions to Ponder

    Embracing Diversity


    Multicultural Education

    Program Ethnomathematics

    Achievement of Traditionally Underserved Students

    The Achievement Gap

    The Opportunity and Educational Debt

    Multicultural Education and Euro-Americans

    Further Reflections on the Questions

    Culturally Sustaining/Revitalizing Pedagogy


  9. Lynne Godfrey: African Americans and the Algebra Project
  10. Engaging Students


    Discussion between Colleagues

    Unit Overview: The Chinese Zodiac and the Division Algorithm


  11. Georgine Roldan: Hispanics and Health Issues
  12. Engaging Students


    Discussion between Colleagues

    Unit Overview: Favorite Menu Items and Health Issues


  13. Tim Granger: Native Americans and Rocketry
  14. Engaging Students


    Discussion between Colleagues

    Unit Overview: Aiming for the Stars


  15. Renote Jean-François: Haitians and Technology
  16. Engaging Students


    Discussion between Colleagues

    Unit Overview: The Roamer and the Haitian Revolution


  17. Samar Samini: Muslims and Inheritance Portions
  18. Engaging Students


    Discussion between Colleagues

    Unit Overview: Multiplication of Fractions Using Paper Folding


  19. Diane Christopher: Euro-Americans and Quilts

Engaging Students


Discussion between Colleagues

Unit Overview: Many Cultures under One Quilt


11. Charlene Beckmann, Kara Stahl, and Tara Maynard: The Tortoise and the Hare

Engaging Students


Discussion between Colleagues

Unit Overview: The Tortoise and the Hare


12. Life-Long Learning Laboratory: L4

Life-Long Learning Laboratory Issues/Questions; L4 : Chapter 1—Racism; L4 : Chapter 2—Equality and Quality of Curriculum: Math Wars II; L4 : Chapter 3—Brilliant Children in Mathematics; L4 : Chapter 4—Teacher Preparation; L4 : Chapter 4: The Achievement Gap/Education Debt/Opportunity to Learn; L4: Chapter 4—Katrina and Equitable Schools in New Orleans

Lesson Study Resources

13. Summary


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Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy is Professor Emerita of mathematics education at the University of New Orleans, where she has directed and taught the elementary and secondary mathematics methods courses for graduate and undergraduate students. She currently serves as a consultant to universities and school districts on mathematics professional development.