2nd Edition

Maths and Medications

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ISBN 9780273764465
Published June 21, 2012 by Routledge
74 Pages

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Book Description

Solving calculations in a busy environment can be tough and time consuming. This quick reference guide, featuring basic maths concepts and medication administration, will help you take the problem out of problem solving.


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Table of Contents


Mathematical symbols  

Order of operations   

Number fact grids   


Hindu-Arabic and Roman numerals

Fraction, decimal and percentage conversions   

The base system   

The decimal point  

Measuring a fluid balance chart

Revisiting basic algorithms   

Working with fractions  



The metric system

some handy tables involving measurement  

Intravenous fluid requirements

Rule of nines   

formulas used in nursing   

Calculating dosage using a formula   

applying drug calculations using formulas

Calculating oral medications

Calculating parenteral medications  

safe medication administration  

Categories of drugs

What must be on a prescription and administration record

What makes a prescription valid   

What is on a medication label

Frequency and times of medication administration  

Commonly used and understood abbreviations Other abbreviations

Intravenous fluids—what is on a fluid order   

Abbreviations for intravenous fluids

Intravenous fluids—drip rates for giving sets where 20 drops = 1 mL  

The process of medication administration  

Medication administration guidelines for students  

Preventing errors

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